Freitag, 29. August 2014

Crypt Lord Pentaverous / Forge Master Pentaver

Yes, I can't nor won't stifle my creativity most of the time. Which generally turns out to be sth like "The Numbers' Game" or stuff such as the Queen of Shadows or this.

I'll go into the Crunch after the break so you have a chance to GTFO in time. ;)

The idea of this homebrew Character/Warcaster is this: In the 40k universe (well, that's a bad start already), a Necron Overlord set forth on a Odyssey to find a way to finally stop their arch-nemesis (which I recall was 'Nids. There actually was Character like that, the "Silent King" or sth? Dunno.). However, the warp had a funny day, so the Overlords ship materialized on - pardon me, in - Caen. Partially, I might add.

He's awake and very observant of the surroundings, but he can only access rudimentary systems of his ship (like, the Sensors and Crew Teleporter, but no Weapons, Barracks, etc). His agenda is regaining Access to All Areas. Out of all the warring faction's, the Asthetic of Cryx (and his own similarity to an Iron Lich, and Gaspy in particular) appeal to him, but he can also affiliate with the Convergence. 

Crypt Lord Pentaverous

 5   7   7   5  15  16   9   7
HP: 18
Base: Medium
WJP: +5

 Phylactery Spiders (Whenever Pentaverous makes a Tough check, 
                     he heals an additional d6 of damage)
 Mask of Flames (Models directly facing Pentaverous roll one
                 less die on their damage rolls)
 Immortality Protocol (While within Pentaverous CMD, friendly 
                       non-living models make their tough 
                       checks on 4, 5, and 6)

Feat: Space Invaders
 Choose 1d3+3 non-huge based friendly Faction models within this model's CTRL. They gain +1 to their stats, Flight, and Magic Weapon on their attacks. At the end of the turn, they become incorporeal while Space Invaders lasts. Space invaders lasts for one round.

Staff of Light 
 - P&S 14, Reach, Magic Weapon, Grievous Wounds

 Flesh to Steel (Friendly living model/unit gains Construct 
                 and Tough for one round)

I so need to build a black pyramid terrain piece and write a campaign for this guy. ;)
But until then, farewell.