Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Khador 2014 Part 09/2 Spell Drafter Armies

As promised in the last article, here are my current list ideas for the three 'Caster I singled out (Strakhov, Vlad2, Zerkova). Full disclosure of lists, thoughts, and other circumstances influencing my choice will follow after the break.
Strakhov - Things that go bump!
  Torch                    4
  Assault Kommandos (min)  5
  w/ Flamethrower x3       3
  Iron Fang Pikemen (max)  8
  w/ Officer & Standard    2
  Tactical Arsonist Corps  4
  MoW Drakhun (w/o)        4
  Wardog                   1
  Gorman di Wulfe          2
  Reinholdt                1

   An anti-fire skew, as you can tell. Why? I guess it's because Harbinger is balls good in Spell Draft, and thusly I can suspect every PoM player coming to have her. Her feat doesn't do diddly against what... 16 models (counting the Drakhun) (about 52%) of the army? If that's not a kick to the groin, I don't know. And it'll get only funnier as those models are also good vs a lot of Legion tech, and this isn't even considering any spells. It does have a fire skew itself, though, but that's less of an issue (I am currently the only Khador player at the even). It comes with a lot of Pathfinder, which is never bad, and there are a lot of models to keep Strakhov safe (Drakhun, Wardog, IFP, TAC), so this list is highly favoured.
   On the problematic side, the AK's are disassembled, as is the IFP UA and Torch, and Strakhov is with Arides for his paintjob. So the chances of me playing this are rather slim... but I could take it to a later Spell Draft with gladness!

Vlad2 - Spells? We won't need spells where we're going.  Berserker          1
  Doom Reavers       6
  Doom Reavers       6
  Kayazy Eliminators 3
  Kayazy Eliminators 3
  Manhunter          2  
  Manhunter          2
  Yuri               3
  MoW Drakhun (w/o)  4
  Wardog             1
  Saxon Orrik        2
  Madelyn Corbeau    2

   The title kinda gives it away - this list is built for dat feat. I would've preferred a full unit of Kayazy Assassins with Underboss to also provide a stealthed frontline skew backed up by Doom Reavers, but the points are too little for that. So I'm basically playing double Doomies plus the Solo Missile Machine that can (and has) kill(ed) 'Casters and 'locks. Good thing the Drakhun and Manhunters and Saxon are all fearless, that'll help if I have to switch up the Doomie placement (if the enemy has good ranged capabilities, the Stealth models go first). This list has both assassination and attrition power, and I'm mostly comfortable with playing Vlad... though I did do that with his regular spell list, not the assortment of hate-picks I will likely have.
   However, the Doom Reavers, Berserker, and Manhunters (&Yuri) are in disassembly right now. I suppose they are simple enough to paint, but eh, that sets this list's appearance probability back quite a bit.

Zerkova - Def? Arm? Ain't nobody got stats for that!
  Destroyer                  3
  WG Infantry (min)          4
  w/ Rocketeer x2            2
  w/ Officer & Standard      2
  WG Infantry (min)          4
  w/ Rocketeer x2            2
  Pressgangers (max)         6
  Alexia Ciannor & the Risen 5
  Sylys Wyshnallyr           2
  Reinholdt                  1
  First Mate Hawk            2

   A classic dudespam, with the set-up for serious personal nukage from Lady Z into the opponent's 'Caster (unless it'll be Protectorate - Devouts are a thing). The recent MSU talk was the cause for me fielding two min units of WGI (that and the fact that I do have an extra Rocketeer). Between all the cheap infantry and Alexia, there'll be a lot of stuff going around, and the rest depends on the spells I get (I can haz show-stopper, please?).
   Problems: WGI UA is still in the blister (ok, not really a problem), Hawk still needs to be bought (can be covered with next month's hobby budget), and Alexia is currently Arides, so he must choose not to use it. Modelwise, this list is actually the closest to being playable.

   To answer the question which list I will choose: If another PoM or LoE player signs up, I'll try to get Strakhov. If none does and Arides doesn't want Alexia himself, I'll go with Zerkova. If none does and Arides wants Alexia himself, I'll have to finish Vlad.

Next time I'll write about this topic, the choice will likely have already been made. But until then, I'll dream of all the spells my opponents will have picked before me. But until then, farewell!