Montag, 25. August 2014

Khador 2014 - Part 09/3: The beard, son! The beard!

It has dawned on me that, while trying to figure out the best ways to win in the Spell Draft format with Khador, I lost track of one thing I set for myself: It's the year of the beard!

Probably won't get out of that one!
Now let's recall that I mostly discarded Harkevich as a good Spell Draft 'Caster since his performance apparently was tied to his spell list (basically, Escort).

After the break, I'll try and figure out a solution!

1. What does he still bring?
   This amounts to two things, A) his feat, which is still pretty dang awesome, and B) Field Marshal: pathfinder, which, too, is pretty dang awesome. I will not compare him to the other 'Casters I considered, because they're, quite frankly, out of question now.
   There also is a Handcannon and an impressive P&S 14 Beatback, Crit: Stagger Hammock (I will so pick Engine of Destruction/Wrath of the Creator/Storm Rager/Flaggelation if they let me!)
   Last but not least he has a Theme Force granting: +1 to starting roll, Upkeeps start in play, Wreck Markers and -1 pt on ranged 'Jacks. *scratches.beard*

2. What does he lose?
   Broadsides was very nice, but at 35pts it's even likelier to be trap, so no real loss (except against Haley2... which may not come up)
   Escort is the red pill that ends the bliss and leads into Wonderland. Not having that is a huge downer for Hark, and I do not expect it to be on the draft cards (because that's the safe thing to do). If it were, however, guess what I'll pick.
   Fortune is no real loss.
   Razor Wind is only a little sad, because I will likely come across a nuke.
   Jump Start is also more of a fringe application, and I kinda feel I could see that one again.

3. When going with the theme force, what would he love to see?
   I can only think of these: Escort, Iron Flesh and Unearthly Rage.

   It's obvious that we're going with the theme force (since most of the models I'd want in a non-theme force are currently disassembled and Hark just isn't worth outside of the theme force), so let's just recall what we're allowed to take: Black Ivan and Non-Character Jacks; MoW Units, Winterguard Units, Battle Mechaniks; Winterguard Solos, MoW Solos, War Dog, Widowmaker Marksman.

   With 35 pts being a big hindrance to building my regular Harkevich list, I guess I'll have to go more infantry-focused this time (with MoW not being part of the equation because of the disassembly). Here's my first draft (HA!):

Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf -5
Black Ivan                     9
Spriggan                       9
Juggernaut                     7
WG Fieldgun Crew               2
WG Mortar Crew                 3
WG Infantry (max)              6
w/ Officer & Standard          2
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich       2

   It's just painful how much you have to cut. I'd love a MoW Drakhun, but given the situation, I suppose the Deathstar is de facto the better choice, even if it's only as operational as the one in "Return of the Jedi". The only option I'd consider is dropping the Infantry to min and including min Battle Mechaniks for the Jacks...

   The other problem is that you can't exactly playtest for the Spell Draft format. Your general spell list just won't be valid, but you can't simply play without one, because it won't be that bad either. That probably is what rustles my jimmies the most. *le sigh*

   Anyway, that's probably what'll be taking, and it'll be a jump into even colder water. Wish me luck, and until next time, farewell!