Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Bonn's Cantina Games III

Alrighty folks,

today me, Arides, and Chronos went to attend Bonn's Cantina Games III's Warmachine/Hordes tournament as Team "Marth & the Machines". It was a three round event with eight teams total.

For our 'Caster's, we chose Magnus Xp (Bad Seeds) & Gorten (Highborn) [me], Cpt. Darius (Field Test) & Cmd. Adept Nemo [Arides], as well as Irusk & the Butcher [Chronos].

After pairings were announced, each team got to see the other's nifty folder (which the EO's made for us), and then there was a round of betting power tokens. Ten of those were given to each team leader in  the first round, and all those you bet were collected after betting. The winning team would chose a table, one of their players, and a scenario for that table. The other team then announced whom they paired up against that, then proceeded to allocate their remaining players and a scenario each to the other two tables, upon which the other team chose whom they'd send in on that.

I probably did the most sensible thing ever before a tournament, and looked at all the scenarios, contemplating which of our 'Casters were suited best to each. This allowed us - even if we lost the bet - to get exactly the scenarios we wanted. It might get us into sucky matchups, but hey, we did definitely have a scenario angle.

How did it work out?

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Dice Rage Live Ep. 9

Last night we had the ninth episode of Dice Rage Live, which might've been the last on a regular schedule. And we were missing Blog, who was on Game Store Duty!

• Recent gaming progress
• 5th Anniversary of SteampoweredTV
• How we got into gaming, making videos, and how things unfolded
• L&L spoiler swooning
• Comments (often on painting)
• Announcements

Hidden among that:
• Building a community, Distributors and Game Stores
• Observations on modern social/economic stuff
• And stuff.