Freitag, 25. November 2011

Tiers of Distinction VI - Epic Irusk can field WHAT?!

Just glanced over the current NQ (which arrives in ye olde world slightly delayed), and looked at the Tiers of Distinction article, which has so far brought us - among many others which are not relevant to me - the "Dawn's Talon" and the infamous "Hunting Wolves" alternate tiers. Now, it sports Epic Irusk. And slightly turns him into a heavy metal machine. The one thing that switched my brain to WTF?-mode was his allowance for Warjacks: Both non-character and character warjacks with at least one open fist.

Freitag, 11. November 2011

Marth & the Machines #52 - Double Feature

Alright, double-feature time! Watch Gurvaldt Irusk going up against Archdomina Makeda, and then against Haley Xp. I had these matches almost half-a-year ago, when preparing for our B.A.D. tourney. Still, enjoy!

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Marth & the Machines #51 - Reloaded

I finally was sick of U-Tube screwing with my video formats. After uploading my Videoresponse to VeilofDarkness000's contest from my brother's laptop (older laptop), I figured it's not to blame on the hosting site, but on the software.

So I requisited his fancy SOTA Macintosh to redo #51 - because, hey, with the second half of M&tM just having started, it's easy enough to retroactively apply a new design. And this is what came out of it, after redoing a M&tM issue from nothing (and scratch, and notes). I'm slightly quivering with fear of the next battle reports, but it'll work out. Sound is giving me more issues than graphics. A-ny-way - here's #51 again. ENJOY!