Freitag, 25. November 2011

Tiers of Distinction VI - Epic Irusk can field WHAT?!

Just glanced over the current NQ (which arrives in ye olde world slightly delayed), and looked at the Tiers of Distinction article, which has so far brought us - among many others which are not relevant to me - the "Dawn's Talon" and the infamous "Hunting Wolves" alternate tiers. Now, it sports Epic Irusk. And slightly turns him into a heavy metal machine. The one thing that switched my brain to WTF?-mode was his allowance for Warjacks: Both non-character and character warjacks with at least one open fist.

Good gracious me. That means: no Drago, no Destroyers, no Berserkers, Marauders and no Decimators - but Black Ivan, Beast 09, the Behemoth and Torch, as well as the other remaining jacks are legit. That is four out of five character jacks. And of course, he has mechanic backup (which is actually key to tier two or three), and other infantry in form of IFP, Men-o-War and shooting from weapon crews.

*Quick glance at my model selection*

I think I just found a list to actually play the Supreme Kommandant with, after having had the model for a long time. And it might make my preferred list for the big game I had in mind for M&tM 100, a 100 point Battle Royale (with 1(!) caster).

Whether it can bring the pain will be seen. So far, people seem to be enjoying getting boni for fielding things with Epic Irusk they liked to anyway. :)