Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Marth & the Machines #51 - Reloaded

I finally was sick of U-Tube screwing with my video formats. After uploading my Videoresponse to VeilofDarkness000's contest from my brother's laptop (older laptop), I figured it's not to blame on the hosting site, but on the software.

So I requisited his fancy SOTA Macintosh to redo #51 - because, hey, with the second half of M&tM just having started, it's easy enough to retroactively apply a new design. And this is what came out of it, after redoing a M&tM issue from nothing (and scratch, and notes). I'm slightly quivering with fear of the next battle reports, but it'll work out. Sound is giving me more issues than graphics. A-ny-way - here's #51 again. ENJOY!

I'd appreciate C&C, as well as suggestions.