Freitag, 22. April 2011

S.C.R.A.P. - Blueprint 01

This is the first post for Secret Cygnarian Research and Accelerated Prototyping, or S.C.R.A.P. for short.

I came up with this idea because I had the feeling, that every time someone brought up something "homemade", it was like every thing for max. 12 points in total. And I found myself stuck with the same question again and again: "Have you ever tested this monstrosity or do your friends not allow it?"

So I said to myself (freely adapted from Mythbusters) "I'm not just designing these things, I putting them to the test." And the first fruit of this questionable endeavour is a character warjack based on the Stormclad, called "Project: Durandal"

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Marth & the Machines #42 - Sebastian Nemo v. Sorscha Kratikoff Xp

In issue #42, watch me - armed with the forces of Cygnar under Commander Adept Nemo - go up against Khador under Forward Kommander Kratikoff. The scenario roll came up for Throwdown, and the size was 25 points. Enjoy!

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Marth & the Machines #41 - Zerkova v. Garryth

Here's the forty-first instalment of M&tM, with a battle report about a tense 17 point battle between the Howling Wolves and the Retribution of Scyrah! Enjoy.

Samstag, 16. April 2011

"Ambuscade" Revisited: C.R.L.'s Bait & Bludgeon (with edits!)

So I promised to the Tabletopgamers I'd test the ambuscade scenario they came up with (see earlier post), apply some tweaks of mine, and then report. This is it. The full report on Lady Z springing a trap from Victoria Haley will be in M&tM #48, but here's the technical rundown and observations. Enjoy!

Montag, 11. April 2011

Dawnlord Vyros "Dawn's Talon" Tier List

The most recent NQ held another set of "Tiers of Distinction." The one they presented for Dawnlord Vyros was particularly interesting to me. Let's face it - Retribution Tier Lists stood at the start of Mk II developments, they were the first of their kind - and you can tell it by looking at them. Here, I'm going to take a look at what I consider a revamped Vyros Tier first and foremost. Enjoy!

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Warmachine - "Unorthodox Scenario Review" - Ambuscade (TableTopGamers)

I'm a sucker for good, creative, "unorthodox" scenarios. And last night, my brother and me had a go at the Ambuscade scenario from the TableTopGamers. It was... enlightening, and inspired me to give the matter some thoughts of my own.