Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Warmachine - "Unorthodox Scenario Review" - Ambuscade (TableTopGamers)

I'm a sucker for good, creative, "unorthodox" scenarios. And last night, my brother and me had a go at the Ambuscade scenario from the TableTopGamers. It was... enlightening, and inspired me to give the matter some thoughts of my own.
First, he brought an slightly unorthodox Nemo List - Hammersmith, Defender, Stormblades + 2x WA + UA, Sam McHorne & DD's + Jonas Murdoch, 3x Stormsmiths, Squire.
I played a Jack-heavy Sorscha list, with Beast 09, Great Bears, Koldun Lord + Devastator, MoW Kovnik + Kodiak.

He put the stormblades out as bait. Maybe I spread out a little too thin, but I could have pulled through in the end, hadn't I been pressed for time and went on a daredevil run against Nemo.

There were two things that I wasn't exactly happy about in regards to the scenario.
a) A 12" bubble in the middle, and the necessity for the Defender of staying 6" from the table edges as well as staying 12" from the bait. This leaves [24 - 6 - 12 - 6] = 0 inches of room to manouver in, or some small areas near the corners. It works in small games, but not in bigger ones.
b) Rerolling who goes first - it's more or less the roll for who gets the Alpha Strike and can potentially end the game first. Sure, that can be circumvented with careful placement (Nemo was on the other board edge from Sorscha), but it still gives a lot of decisive power to something that is no way linked to the playing skill of the players - and thusly can lead to frustration.

I still think that a trap-style scenario can work and be made to work, and I do have my ideas just how to do it. But then I will be uttering them here on this blog, probably starting a scenario subsection, so people can hack away at mine. ;-)

Until next time, farewell, and pay a visit to the TT-Blog (link above)!