Samstag, 26. März 2011

Fear & Loathing in the 60's - my Shadowrun P&P games #01

Heya readers,

as I probably indicated, CRL isn't restricted to tabletop gaming. Now's the start of that, and I will call my coverage on the current progress of our Shadowrun games (mind you, all 3rd Ed) "Fear and Loathing in the 60's." (The 20-60's, that is!) The first episode will cover their shadowrun that took them to Prague.

The run picked up with Flak, the troll magician, being contacted by Biggs, his job-dealer, about a meeting at the Forlorn Hope (a local runner hotspot/club). He meets with a Mr. Smith and they come to terms on the jobs conditions. He's ordered find out about the whereabouts of a university professor who officially died a few years ago, but supposedly continues his research covered by the University of Prague.
As a means to this end, he can assemble a team of up to four other runners. After contacting an old colleague at the University of Bonn, who acts suspiciously when asked about the missing person, he rings up Korky, the dwarf rigger, and Lazarus, the Phoenix shaman as well as Heath, their matrix-specialist.

They get their hands on the original police files reporting on the incident where the target was reported to die. Heath also discovers the official file from the pathological institution, and it reveals that their prime streetdoc connection, Doc Shorty, was involved in the obduction as an assistant. On probing into this, she also remains elusive, but the Runner's decide not to bother her too much. They conclude that their target is most likely alive and in Prague, as supposed. After some preparations, they ride there in Korky's Van. The passage through the rest of the Allied States of Germany is, luckily, uneventful.

On arrival, the team splits. Flak goes to visit his old faculty, and the others look for a place to stay. They find a B-Rating hotel on the west side of the river where the landlord isn't bothering to much with the residents if they pay up a little.

(Sorry, need to rehear the episodes before this continues)