Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Compromised by an imperial spy - The Arides redux

As most of you have read by now, Marth was forced to drop out from the Cantina Games V which left me as the only "Ubernoob" in the Rookie Tournament. And as a spoiler I still won't consider myself an experienced player...

Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Compromised by an imperial Spy 02 - Cantina Games V RoundUp

You may not notice it, but this post airs before Cantina Games V ends, heck, even begins. How does that happen?

Make an educated guess.

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Seizing Command 07 - Cygnar v. Khador game report

It took some time, but I finally managed to play another full-length game against Fiona, and we both used the Kickstarter Variant Decks I had cooked up in this article series. She took command of Khador, which she'll likely always do until Faith&Fortune releases (then she can play Highborn with Gorten), and I took Cygnar.

After the break follows a blow-by-blow report - it's a pending format at this time. I decided not to go into full detail unless absolutely necessary. Purchases, Deployments, and Rush are given as PUR, DEP and RSH. I'll try and give a VP tally at opportune moments. Remember that in the KS variant, you can rush & deploy cards during the first two rounds, as well as swap unused cards in for your basic resources. Comments are appreciated.

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

The "Numbers' Game" 04 - Warcasters and miscalleneous

I've always loved item shops that sell miscalleneous, or the thusly labeled subsections of shops. Best trinkets where always found there.

At ridiculous prices.

At the very least, this blog doesn't charge anything for its content! Which in turn means I can post about anything I like. So today, we're going to talk about the life and death of the banana in the Iron Kingdoms, as simulated by this scratchbook campaign system... also, Deployment and Riots (and no, I'm not dropping a current politics pun here).

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

"Getting destroyed in space!" - FTL 02

I am afraid that I might have already run out of FTL-fitting, alcohol-referring sci-fi puns. But the two I had (last time's and this one) are really good.

Let's hit the space bar - a) press the space bar on your keyboard. In FTL, this pauses the game, and is very important during combat. b) visit a space bar to get drunk.

Getting destroyed in space - a) what it says, having your ship blown out of the (metaphorical) skies in FTL, probably by sth way stronger than you (Rebel Flagship). b) getting so drunk it causes loss of memory (and digníty), on a space ship or station.

My linguistics professor would be so proud of me.

Anyway, after the break: Boarding Drones, and sth else!

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

"Let's hit the space bar!" - FTL 01

   Recently I spent two-thirds of my monthly hobby budget on a video game - I bought FTL from steam, because I saw it, and immediately liked it. Which may be due to the fact that I'm an old school computer guy (I had a C64, and played the digital crap out of it!) who conciously witnessed the development of computer technology from its beginnings to their modern shape, and FTL's "retro, no-nonsense" graphics flood my brain with serotonines, stimulated by memories from way back when computer games were simple in graphics, but very deep when it comes to ways of dying.
   I can't say that I have played it a ton (yet!), but I'm seriously addicted. There's a lot to explore, discover, achieve, and the obvious death at the hands of the rebel flagship (Seriously, whoever designed that thing probably was one of those WOW players that liked to gank (i.e. kill players to weak to defend themselves against you and your gear) others).

   In this string of articles, I'll try to briefly cover some awesome things I came across. This time, after the break, let me jabber about: the Vulcan Laser.