Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

"Getting destroyed in space!" - FTL 02

I am afraid that I might have already run out of FTL-fitting, alcohol-referring sci-fi puns. But the two I had (last time's and this one) are really good.

Let's hit the space bar - a) press the space bar on your keyboard. In FTL, this pauses the game, and is very important during combat. b) visit a space bar to get drunk.

Getting destroyed in space - a) what it says, having your ship blown out of the (metaphorical) skies in FTL, probably by sth way stronger than you (Rebel Flagship). b) getting so drunk it causes loss of memory (and digníty), on a space ship or station.

My linguistics professor would be so proud of me.

Anyway, after the break: Boarding Drones, and sth else!

   Now the drone control system seems odd or unfavourable for a ship, but it isn't. Sure, there's the cost of drone parts necessary to deploy them, and when it's for each battle, that accumulates - and they're not as easy to come by as missiles, the other firepower-limiter. But that's about all the negative stuff drones have (and in case of personnel drones (System Repair, Anti-Intruder), it's not even as severe - and then there's the Drone Recovery Arm), what they do for your ship in comparison is awesome.

   Simple example: A combat drone cost 1 part, fires until either the enemy, you or the drone is destroyed. That's gooood.

   May personal favourite, because it's the funniest, is the boarding drone. For 1 part (and three power), you launch a one-man-boarding team (with Rock stats, at least, no less, and ignorant about no oxygen as well) into the enemy vessel, shooting them in there straight through their hull. Awesome! Just shout a prolonged "LEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYY" all the while the drone's underway and until it hits. Only downside: You can't control where it goes - but that only matters against the flagship.

   On that particular note: I wrecked the flagship recently, and a few drones were key in the process, but more on that in the next article.

   The second thing I want to praise is the Chain Ion Blaster. This thing has a rather longish reload time, but everytime it fires, the Ion damage it causes goes up by 1, up to a maximum of four. Sooo beautiful. Most fights, at least in later sectors, go on long enough you'll be pounding the enemy ship with strong Ion shots, which will be mostly likely it's downfall.

   Next time, how to rip the Rebel Flagship a new one. But until then, farewell!