Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Compromised by an imperial Spy 02 - Cantina Games V RoundUp

You may not notice it, but this post airs before Cantina Games V ends, heck, even begins. How does that happen?

Make an educated guess.
I didn't go. Which is not because I never got to test my lists, or felt unprepared for the stress induced by a 16 player tourney lasting only three rounds (which puts additional pressure on getting Control Points).
It's because my wife felt sick for the last few days, to the point where I couldn't afford leaving her alone with the kid for so long (about 9-10 hours total, after all). Life/Hobby balance.

That's the immediate result. The aftermath, though, will be probably be that I'll just forget about going to a tournament this year. I might go to Clog- or SmogCon next year, but that's all there is (as much as I'd like to do Lock&Load, at this point in time it seems very dubious that I can pull that one off).