Montag, 16. Juni 2014

The "Numbers' Game" 04 - Warcasters and miscalleneous

I've always loved item shops that sell miscalleneous, or the thusly labeled subsections of shops. Best trinkets where always found there.

At ridiculous prices.

At the very least, this blog doesn't charge anything for its content! Which in turn means I can post about anything I like. So today, we're going to talk about the life and death of the banana in the Iron Kingdoms, as simulated by this scratchbook campaign system... also, Deployment and Riots (and no, I'm not dropping a current politics pun here).

By "banana" I obviously mean Warcaster, even though, in light of the most recent Dice Rage Live Episode, I'd be better off saying "fish". But anyway, let's hit it.

Deploying Characters: As was already said (in the very first post way back when, on this topic), the points allocated to a location are not finite model choices - unless it comes to Characters. Characters are "deployed" (another High Command term) to a location during the Campaign Round Control Phase. Just by declaring a location, and declaring the Characters present at that location. Only deployed Characters can be used in battles at or originating from that location. When points are moved, you also have to announce any Characters moving with those points.
Characters can only be deployed to a location that has an INC stat.

Character Death: If a character model/unit gets completely destroyed/RFP, it's not gone forever. Remember, Impostors and people with similar abilities abound, says so in the rulebook. Why the guys are returning doesn't quite matter, come up with sth. They cannot, however, be deployed again during the Campaign Round following the Campaign Round of their destruction.

Warcasters: Each player always has at least one Warcaster (the dude considered your Supreme Commander), yet the final number of Warcasters is determined by the actual map (I'd guess... 1 for every four locations, rounded up, maybe?). Player begin the game with a Warcaster (their Supreme Kommander, most of the time) deployed to their Headquarters, additional Warcaster can be deployed during the first Campaign Round Control Phase at the earliest.

Warcaster Death: If a Warcaster is removed from play in a battle, he's out. As per character death above, that 'caster may be deployed again, but not during the following Campaign Round Control Phase. If a Warcaster is destroyed during battle, roll 2d6 after resolving the victory and consult the following table. Modify this roll by -1 if the 'Caster was stationary at the time of defeat, if the weapon used on him has Griveous wounds, if the 'Caster is already considered "heavily wounded" and/or if its P&S exceeds his base ARM by 4 or more. These modifiers stack.
2-4 - Death: The 'Caster is gone, and may not be deployed (again) during the next Campaign Round Control Phase.
5-8 - Heavily Wounded in Battle: The controlling Player gets to keep the Warcaster, but he suffers from -1 SPD, MAT, DEF and -5 HP during battles in the following campaign round.
9-11 - Taken Hostage: The 'Caster has fallen into enemy hands. It's player may immediately pay three times his Warjack points from his point pool (adding these points to the opposing player's point pool). If he does, he keeps the Warcaster. If he doesn't, he is considered dead as above.
12 - Lucky Bastard: The 'Caster escapes unscathed, and with a vengeance.

I hope that's all that's necessary for Warcasters, but we'll see.

Riots: As indicated by the article about orders, Riot is a state that locations can be in (maybe among others). When there's a riot, a location's ECO drops to 50% (rounded down), and only the "Move Points", "Chill Out", "Suppress Riot" and "Fight Calamity" orders can be given. If a rioting location is attacked, it's controlling player rolls a CMD check. If it'successful, the riot immediately ends.

There's just "Conflict Resolution" left, and after that, I might have enough on hand to converge it into a complete whole. But until then, farewell!