Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Dice Rage Live Ep. 2

Yesterday, the second episode of Dice Rage Live was livestreamed. With topics such as:
- Gaming updates
- Discussing other's 50 pt lists
- Recent battles played
- Open discussion with viewer's (cyriss, Beer & Pretzel games, and stuff)


Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Khador 2013 - Part 06 "Which Attachment?"

In this article of Khador 2013, I'll try and answer a quite fundamental question:

Should you rather take the War Dog for your Khadoran Warcaster, or choose the help of the other elvish oddparent, Sylys Wyshnallyr?

Before Warmachine: Wrath, the War Dog was the only Warcaster attachment for Khador there was. But when they released the elf, a slew of options opened up. I will strife to answer the proposed question via the following: A) breaking down the benefits provided by each and B) evaluating them on a 'Caster-by-'Caster basis, stating my observations and recommendations for each 'Caster of the Khadoran Warcaster Corps. Hopefully, afterwards, you'll be having less issues with the question.

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Dice Rage Live Ep. 1

Yesterday - or, in a way, today, since it crossed midnight over here - there was the first installment of "Dice Rage live", hosted by TinmanXL, and joined by Blog, Orsus, and me. Topics covered:
1) The Factions of Warmachine and Hordes
2) Bog wild speculation/discussion of the Convergence of Cyriss
3) Advice for new players joining the hobby
4) Painting update

Yet basically, we talk about whatever we want. This is the first episode, we had to do some global goofing-off. ;-)

And in between: Technical issues, tangents, and fun!

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Khador 2013 - Part 05 "Outrider Spoilers"

GLO Concept Art
So, the Greylord Outriders have been spoiled. With... mixed responses on the web. Which can be easy to understand - but I think it's highly likely that we as Khador players got a skewed look on the game, what we need, and Privateer Press's plan.

Not to put the blame on someone - in all possible objectivity: the GLO are odd. I consider it a given that we will receive other releases which will click nicely with them.

In this article of Khador 2013, let's look at what we got - and what we can get out of them. I'll look at the stats, feasible modes operandi, which 'Casters stand out supporting them, and what lists they fit in well (with a focus on tier lists).

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Khador 2013 - Part 04 "Izak Harkevich"

In this third article for Khador 2013 I'll cover the second caster I choose the Paradox Plunge 2013, Kommander Harkevich, who in all likelihood has the coolest nickname in the Iron Kingdoms: "the Iron Wolf". I love writing his full name onto my army lists, just in case it had the chance to be intimidating. But, in the minds of Khador players, he's considered to be bad - bottom tier, as far as that goes within the ranks of Khador's warcaster line-up. However, he does have things that speak for him: He boosts Khador's Warjacks in a way hitherto unprecedented in Khador and he's got a strong Tier list. (What sets him apart from Zerkova is the lack of a fanclub)

As opposed to last time, I'm going to focus on why I choose him for the plunge, what his strong points are, the things he works well with, the stuff he needs to avoid - and, again, different lists. Shaking the order of questions up to prevent the boreout!