Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

B.A.D. #1 Redux

Okay, I'll make this quick, but there'll be a more detailed Video coming up!
B.A.D. #1 had six participants (Trollbloods, Mercenaries, Skorne, 3*Khador), and my matchups were Trollbloods, then Khador, then Mercenaries. I won with Zerkova v. Grim Angus, and lost with Irusk against Epic Sorscha as well as against Constance Blaize. Maybe I should've stuck to Zerkova in the later rounds. ;-)

We're already in the planning stages for #2, but tournament-wise, my next target is scheduled for the end of August, and happening in Koblenz. I view it mostly as a scouting mission - checking out the competitivity of the other gaming communities in the region before we open up the B.A.D. to anybody (i.e. make it non-invitational).

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

B.A.D. this weekend!

As stated, the first Bruhl Annihilation Days tourney is this Saturday. I've recently done some more testing, especially on the Irusk List, and applied some changes - I switched to cheaper jacks, cut down on the Ironfang Pikemen (one min unit w/ UA is left), and also got myself two Freebooter's Fate miniatures to stand in as Kayazy Eliminators. I'm certain that this 25 pt List has more potential than the Tier 2.

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Marth & the Machines #46 - Base, Body & Beyond / Beast 09

In this issue of Marth and the Machines, I do another BBB coverage - on one of the best warjacks in the game, Beast 09. Enjoy!