Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Marth in Space - Firestorm Armada 00

Here's the opener to the coverage that I'll dedicate to Firestorm: Armada from Spartan Games (FS:A from here on). It has some pictures and comments, but nothing too indepth on the game mechanics.


Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Marth & the Machines #39 - Orsus Zoktavir v. Mikhail Kreoss Xp

Alright, issue #39, another battle report and another try at the Butcher of Khardov, gone 'jack-heavy. This time I'm up against Grand Exemplar Kreoss with a bunch of Exemplars. Enjoy!

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Lady Z's "Hunting Wolves" Tier List

So, the new tier list for Zerkova from No Quarter #34. It does indeed contain all that was leaked. And the general consensus (on the PP-Forums, that is) is positive. I haven't gotten around to playing a larger game with it (35 points) yet, but there are a number of observations made both from the List and my Zerkova playing experience.