Freitag, 15. April 2016

Falling up the stairs (03) - Shaking things up

   As I communicated in former posts, I did the first wing of "League of Explorers". And one of those cards was/is the "Rumbling Elemental", a Shaman card. He's obviously big on the elements, but this Elemental was really different - has no "active" ability of it's own, but one that reacts to other cards by flinging two damage whenever a card with a battlecry is played.

   I've been pondering a deck build around it for some time. Quick interjection: That's a ridiculous idea, by the way, building around two cards out of thirty. I then went ahead and did it - a basic suite of Shaman spells, the Elemental, and then as many Battlecry cards as I could grab.

Short warning: As per the most recent BattleNet update, I can't access the BN anymore, and thusly can't play Hearthstone, which is very sad, as, even though my Graphics card wasn't "supported", the game ran fine enough for me. This enrages me! I'm working on a solution, but that'll take a while.

List after the break.

Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Falling up the stairs (02) - Somebody's hurtin'

   Continuing on in this opening series of posts about my currently favoured Hearthstone decks, we are arrive at the one I've had ... considerable success (it got me from Rank 20 to 19 in a streak, that's kinda saying something!)*.

   It's a Warrior deck that, like the Pain & Response one, builds off of profiting from your own minions being damaged. Turns out, Garrosh is better at this than Jaina. And it's more fun, too. List after the break. Oh, and I don't play Hearthstone in English, so please forgive me when I... retranslate the names wrong. I'm learning.

Freitag, 8. April 2016

Falling up the Stairs (01) - Djinni Paladin, Budget Style

I promised a look at the decks I'm currently liking the most, so here we go. Gotta start somewhere.

Just to remind you, I'm playing Hearthstone for two-and-a-half months, and without spending money on it. So a lot of decks are, for the foreseeable future, quite budget in a bunch of card choices, out of necessity.

This deck I'm going to talk about is based on the same idea as the deck presented here. And while I know it's definitely inferior to the deck presented there - let's just say that I managed to defeat Baron Geddon (heroic) with it. Not the most impressive feat, but my first heroic victory anyway, and on the first run with the deck. ;-)

Less bragging and more talk after the break.

Dienstag, 5. April 2016

Falling up the stairs - my Hearthstone misadventures (00)

I blame Fishc0p (that's a German Youtuber - you can find his channel here)!

I got into Hearthstone mid-February. Why? Because it's free. And I used to be seriously addicted to Magic: the Gathering, so...

However, whereas I spent an atrocious amount of money on M:tG, I'm decided not to throw a single cent Blizzard's way. This obviously "handicaps" my progress - but as far as I figure, that'll only be the case until I am caught up with the adventures (I did the first episode of "League of Explorers" and am 3/5 into "Blackrock Spire"). Once that is done, I'll be free to spend my gold on the arena. I will go into a little more detail about my recommendations for new players in a later post, though.

For this one... I guess I'll just introduce you to the deck that has "carried" me so far. Up to rank 19, at least, and that's the highest I got to this day. But I'll give you that, and some thoughts on it, after the break.

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

WM/H's long 2015, Part 03 - When a wolf drops dead in the forest...

...and anybody is left alive to testify - might it still have been Sorscha2?

Whenever I built list pairs, Circle is always on my mind. For some reason, they - as a faction - frighten me the most. Too make matters worse, you are guaranteed to run into them since they are such a good faction. In addition, their playstyle is (or appears, at the very least) to be the polar opposite of the Khadoran playstyle (Hit & Run v. Kill everything that isn't us) - with some powerful exceptions.

So, in my strife to find a 'Caster (and list) that can deal with this, I've come around to Sorscha2.
More of my thoughts after the break.