Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Falling up the stairs (02) - Somebody's hurtin'

   Continuing on in this opening series of posts about my currently favoured Hearthstone decks, we are arrive at the one I've had ... considerable success (it got me from Rank 20 to 19 in a streak, that's kinda saying something!)*.

   It's a Warrior deck that, like the Pain & Response one, builds off of profiting from your own minions being damaged. Turns out, Garrosh is better at this than Jaina. And it's more fun, too. List after the break. Oh, and I don't play Hearthstone in English, so please forgive me when I... retranslate the names wrong. I'm learning.
Pain Mongers I
Inner Rage x2
Execute x2
Whirlwind x2
Dragon Egg x2
Battle Rage
Cleave x2
Cruel Taskmaster x2
Jeweled Scarab x2
Shield Block x2
Acolyte of Pain
Arathi Weaponsmith
Axe Thrower x2
Grim Patron x2
Gurubashi Berserker x2
Harrison Jones *
Emperor Thaurissan *
Obsidian Destroyer x2

Basic Idea: As said above, benefit from damaging your minions - more damage, card draw, additional minions - a lot of things go!
Version Notes: This is obviously version one, scratched together from what I have. So it's chock full of "Blackrock Spire" goodness (that Axe thrower is SO obnoxious). Harrison Jones is in there because... he my new shiny. Sue me.
Impending Changes: I'd like Armorsmiths or Frothing Berserkers... but don't have those. Yet. I pick the latter generally when they come up through the scarabs, though. Most of all, I'd prefer another Battle Rage, and something to replace the Weaponsmith with. I'll also include Revenge once I crack open that particular Black Rock Spire Episode.
Strategies: Kill them all. Utilize Inner Rage to damage your own minions when your mana wouldn't generally allow you to in order to surprise/tilt the board state and your opponents.

   Update: At the time of this writing, a free pack from a "Watchstone"-Quest gave me a golden Holy Fire. I  have neither need nor desire for this, so I blew it to pieces. From my whole dust, I then made another Argent Squire and two Abusive Sergeants. They're doing... well. ;-)

   Thanks for sticking with me! Next up, we have the Deck which turned to be my biggest personal surprise hit (for a deck built around... one pair of cards, essentially). So stay tuned for the next post! See you around, and remember: It's all fun and games until somebody runs out of cards.

*It also took me back down!