Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Khador 2013 Part 17 - 2013-Wrap-up

'Cause a good wrap is half a song!
It's been some time since my last article, because inspiration has been lacking. So what gives? Well, we've had a little (6 guys) tournament on a recent weekend, which will be my last tournament for 2013. So I figured: What's stopping me from wrapping up the year, do some introspection and reflect on some stuff?

So that's what we'll do tonight. We'll review the following things: My paradox plunge (and the related 'Caster-writeups), the lists I've played with those 'Casters, an overall look at how competitive games went this year, and Greylord Outriders. Because, spoilers, they're legit. And yes, there'll also be a very brief look at my plans for 2014. Enjoy!