Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Khador 2013 Part 17 - 2013-Wrap-up

'Cause a good wrap is half a song!
It's been some time since my last article, because inspiration has been lacking. So what gives? Well, we've had a little (6 guys) tournament on a recent weekend, which will be my last tournament for 2013. So I figured: What's stopping me from wrapping up the year, do some introspection and reflect on some stuff?

So that's what we'll do tonight. We'll review the following things: My paradox plunge (and the related 'Caster-writeups), the lists I've played with those 'Casters, an overall look at how competitive games went this year, and Greylord Outriders. Because, spoilers, they're legit. And yes, there'll also be a very brief look at my plans for 2014. Enjoy!
My Paradox Plunge:
   At the beginning of the year - or, more likely, at the end of 2012 - I chose to champion both Koldun Kommander Alexandra Zerkova and Kommander Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf. I did so because I was (and am) genuinely fascinated by Lady Z, and thought I'd need a strong 'Caster to pair her with. Later, I did admit that it was debatable whether Hark' really was the stronger 'Caster of the two. Right now, I can confidently say that I was wrong - Zerkova is the stronger 'Caster, at least in my hands. They actually pair quite well because if I want to, I can take Sylys with her, and take the War Dog with Hark', which I've come to think of as the better choice for him.
   Regarding their respective write-ups, I still think that I did a good job, and that they are, at their core, correct. I haven't found anything in the Zerkova write-ups where I thought "well, that's just wrong", though I will admit that I have yet to find a scenario application for her feat. I think it's best used to stymie your opponent's turn either preceding your strike-turn or right after your strike-turn. Considering Harkevich, as indicated, I've come to view the War Dog as the prime attachment for him. I'd also highly advocate the usage of only two Warjacks when not going with the Tier. Three is both reducing your potential number of attacks too much and to straining on his focus. However, since I now own a unit of Rifle Corps and Joe (and got to behold he combined awesomeness of them + fortune, lighting up Iron Flesh WGI like nobody's business), I'm perma-tempted into the tier list.

My Lists of 2013:
   I've covered most of my lists already in Khador 2013 Part 10 (I think - the one called "Zerkova revisited") after ClogCon. There isn't much more to write about, because at Cantina Games III, I played Magnus Xp and Gorten, which aren't within the scope of this article. But I still have the lists from the last tournament I mentioned:

List 1:
Zerkova (-6), Juggernaut (7); Assault Kommandos (min) w/ 3x Flamer (8), Greylord Outriders (max) (9), Kayazy Eliminators (3); Iron Fang Kovnik (2), Gorman di Wulfe (2), Alexia Xp (4), Eiryss Xp (3), Sylys Wyshnallyr (2)

   This one is more or less loaded with premium solos, and a variation of a list I called "Zerkova's Strange Assembly", which consists of nothing but Mercs (aside from the Juggernaut). I switched the original Highshield Guncorps for the Assault Kommandos and Thor+Rockram for Outriders because I wanted to try out a lot of new toys (mostly the IFK and the GLOs). It's seriously different from the lists I played earlier the year, because the only Kayazy models that are left is the single unit of Eliminators - but with the current state of the game, putting my hopes into lots of high DEF seems rather... foolish... to me. So, Assault Kommandos it is, then - they laugh at Ravagore shots. I don't think I'd stick with this version of the list, it's more likely that I'll gravitate back to the Theme Force or even more Khador troops, cutting out the Mercs except for the elvish oddparents. If specialists will ever be a thing, Alexia will be in that part of the list, though.

List 2:
Harkevich (-5), Black Ivan (10), Spriggan (10); Winterguard Mortar Crew (3), Winter Guard Fieldgun Crew (2), Winterguard Riflecorps (max) (8); Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2), War Dog (1)

   Since I was plegded into Hark, and Sylys was taken, AND I finally had my own Winterguard unit, I went with the Theme Force - this one is Tier 3, so it merely "lacks" the point cost reduction. I found it quite hard to reduce my ClogCon list to 35 points, and ended up cutting a 'Jack to free up the necessary points. I do like it. However, I'm very torn - I like the theme force boni very much (especially the wreck markers), yet the prospect of putting Fortune on Greylord Outriders and letting them loose is very, very tempting. The Spriggan and Rifle Corps (and Joe) will remain, though, since I feel they provide the crowd control I've always wanted (unless the Greylords outpace them in that. Changes inbound, I feel).

Competitive Games Result:
   So, at ClogCon - not counting Doubles, cause that format "is whack" - Zerkova went 2/2 in Blood, Sweat, and Tiers (more like 3-1 -> I'll get you next time, Rahn Shyeel!) by herself, and she and Harkevich went 2/2 in the Sunday Steamroller, where Zerkova won her games (though maybe a bit lucky), and Harkevich lost his (more systematically). At the last tournament, Harkevich lost to Sorscha Xp (on scenario), but Zerkova won against Hexy Xp (after he bodged the assassination) and Syntherion (after I thwarted his assassination, making me place fourth out of six).
   What I see is a trend (of mine) to win my Zerkova games by being lucky (either through good dice or bad dice/play on the opponent's side) or daring. Which is fine, but not exactly a thing of skill - however, if you only play a relatively small number of games a year, how skilled can you really get? My games with Harkevich this year, though never bad or one-sided, I always lost. I have yet to win with Harkevich, which is probably the reason why I'm so puzzled when it comes to building his lists.
   So, for this year, Zerkova is 6-3, and Hark is 0-3, putting me at a competitive khadoran 6-6, which is, frankly, quite good for me (compared to last year's 1-16). Time to put on the party hat! Yes, I am very well aware that that is not a good number of games, and that last year likely had more statistical value, but I choose to give that fact the bird.

Greylord Outriders:
   I've reread my thoughts on the GLOs (Khador 2013 #05), and there are two things I now, after playing them, disagree with myselfe on:
a) I still don't consider them main troops, secondaries at best, however, they're not really luxury troops. I've said they would see play at 42 points, rather 50 - but I've played them at 35, and did not feel at a loss. I think they've got a certain advantage at 35 points in that the enemy army probably isn't that numerous, so they might have better chances at flanking right to the back of the opponent's forces. At 42+, they might have to punch themselves a hole first...
b)Winter's Wind still is no mass solution, but I like to just cast it with those Outriders that don't get to spray on one of their number and put that model somewhere with Light Cavalry movement to create issues for my opponent. Out of  a five man unit, I'm fine with putting one at risk (probably depends on the size of the game, too)

   I don't think I'll participate in another Paradox Plunge - at least not on the same level as in 2013. I do, however, join the Khador board's initiative (thanks to Somnicide for the picture):

Yes, I'll be playing Harkevich. Again. Like, as my main 'Caster. I'm dead-set on getting that first victory with, and I still believe he has more potential than I wrought out of him. I mean, I got this close to winning before. And I'll keep my options for the second list open, so there'll be more "power-'Castering" next year at events.

But until then, farewell!