Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Halloween Scenario 2013 - Night of the Pumpkin King!

This Halloween's Map!
It's about that time of the year again! Those that follow this blog (i.e. read it) might remember that last year, we presented and played the "Nightmare Tower" scenario (which then aired in M&tM #76, methinks).

This year, we're back for tricks and treats with a scenario featuring another mainstay of Halloween's motives - the pumpkin.


Scenario: Night of the Pumpkin King
  • Mark zones according to the map. All zones are considered to be Nightmare Crops.
  • Nightmare Crops: Rough Terrain. When a model is destroyed while within the area, mark its former location with a corpse token. During the Nightmare Phase, replace that model with a Harvest Horror if it‘s a Grunt, or with a Scarecrow if it‘s a Leader, or with a Headless Horseman if it‘s a Character and/or Cavalry model, or with a Warjack/Warbeast. That model acts as described during the Nightmare Phase.
  • The Nightmare "Phase": During each maintenance phase, starting on the first players second turn, place a harvest horror completely within each zone. Also, place any further models (dictated per Nightmare Crops above) completely within the zone holding the corpse token and within 3" of the corpse token, then remove all corpse tokens. Placement is done by the inactive player. Then each Harvest model placed this phase and already present activates. When it does, it acts according to the following list, starting at 1:
  • 1) Attack non-Harvest models it is in melee with. In case of Harvest Horrors, they will use the *Attack if the target's ARM is 16+,
  • 2) in not in melee, charge the closest non-Harvest model they could successfully reach,
  • 3) if lacking charge targets, walk towards the closest unengaged non-Harvest model,
  • 4) if a Scarecrow, place closer to the enemy, cast Hellfire at the closest non-Harvest model
  • 5) if Pumpkin Jack, spend all souls to cast "Spawn Horror", then start over at 1).
  • CP‘s: At the end of each turn, starting with the second players second turn, a player controlling his far zone gains 2 CP, 3 CP for dominating. A player controlling the centre zone gains 1 CP, 2 for dominating. When player dominates his near zone at the end of his turn, deduct 1 CP from his opponent‘s CP total before scoring. A player also gains 1 CP for destroying the Pumpkin Jack. First player to reach 5+ CP's wins.
Harvest Horror (Harvest Solo)
SPD 6, STR 6, MAT 5, RAT 3, DEF 12, ARM 12, CMD 5 // 2*P&S 9, FA:U
Construct, Pathfinder, Prowl, Terror, Infectous, Combo Strike (*Attack)

Scarecrow (Harvest Solo)
SPD -, STR 3, MAT 5, RAT 3, DEF 5, ARM 14, CMD 7 // P&S -, FA: 3
Construct, Prowl, Terror, Immobile, Strange Growth
Magic Ability (7): Hellfire
Leadership [Harvest Horrors]: Gang Fighter

Headless Horseman (Harvest Cavalry Solo)
SPD 8, STR 8, MAT 7, RAT 3, DEF 13, ARM 16, CMD 9 // P&S 14 Reach, HP 10, Mount Pow 12, FA:2
Construct, Pathfinder, Terror, Infectous, Unyielding
Leadership [Harvest Horrors]: Powerful Charge

Pumpkin Jack (Harvest Solo)
SPD 5, STR 12, MAT 6, RAT 3, DEF 12, ARM 18, CMD - // 2*P&S 15, HP 31, FA:1
Construct, Pathfinder, Terror, Soul Taker, Infectous
Chain Attack: Jack‘o‘Lantern
Magic Ability: Spawn Harvest Horror (see Epic Alexia, just spawns Harvest Horrors)
Leadership [Harvest Horrors]: Tough

Infectous: If this model boxes another model with a melee attack, that model is removed from play. Replace that model with a Harvest Horror if it‘s a Grunt, or with a Scarecrow if it‘s a Leader, or with a Headless Horseman if it‘s a Character and/or Cavalry model, or with a Warjack/Warbeast.

Chain Attack: Jack o‘ Lantern: If this model hits a single model with both his initial attacks, models within 2“ of this model suffer a POW 14 Fire damage roll. Models ending their activation within 2“ of this model suffer the fire continuous effect.

In all honesty, I'm afraid that the corresponding battle report could get really weird. But we'll see to that. Until then, farewell.