Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (09) - Adventure Resumee: League of Explorers

As I told you last friday, I plowed through the League of Explorers, finally. So today I'll talk you about LoE in the same way I did talk about BRM (in order to create a comparability. It'll come to fruition with the next adventure).

To reiterate, these are my four points:
 > Optics
 > Plot
 > Bosses
 > Cards

See you after the break!

Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (08) - Adventure Resumee: Blackrock Spire

As of this monday, I managed to garner the last 700 gold which would get me the final wing of League of Explorers and, within very few hours of doing so, allow me to finish the last adventure currently available.

And I think that makes for a perfect time for rehashing the particular experiences, an endeavour I want to go about by looking at the following points:
 > Optics
 > Plot
 > Bosses
 > Cards

And I will start with the older of the two adventures I experienced: Blackrock Spi...err...Mountain!
See you after the break!

Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

Falling up the Stairs (07) - Day of the Tentacle

For this post, I want to present a "fun" deck. It's not necessarily good - it may be, though, with some tweaking, I guess.  Maybe. ;-)
It basically came into its own with the "Forbidden Ritual" card and the Tentacle of "N'Zoth"

It's for the Warlock. I call it "Day of the Tentacle".
Yes, I'm that 80's.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Falling up the Stairs (06) - Waiting for C'thun & Lulz of Yogg Saron

As promised in the last posting, I want to talk the deck that - surprisingly, I gotta say - took me to 14(**). I'm still kinda proud of that achievement, even though it certainly was a matter of getting the right games/matchups at the right time.

It's a Magician deck featuring our Lord and Saviour C'Thun! See you after the break!

Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (05) - WotoG deck changes

In this second post on the "Whispers of the old Gods" set, I want to go into which deck changes this has inspired (for me, at least), how I think they fare in comparison to their earlier forms, and how I would evolve them (if the opportunity presents itself).

But before all that, let's have a small break, shall we?

Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

WM/H's long 2015, Part 04 - Mk 3

So, unless you've been hiding under a rock, or in your secret moon base, you will by now have heard about the fact that MK III coming out basically right when this series was supposed to end.

However, I don't see a big point in writing about things that change anyway.

What does it mean for the future? Well, most obviously, I'm at no shortage for topics! I could, can, and probably will, revisit each and almost everyone of them and put them into the current state of things - after MK III is out.

Things are looking good so far, but the Khador spoilers haven't hit yet - so I can't call this the final post of this particular series JUST yet.

But until then, farewell!

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (04) - WotoG initial thoughts

   At the time of this writing, we've had "Whispers of the old Gods" (WotoG) and Standard Play for four/five days, I've had my 13 free packs and reached Rank 14 (More on that in a later article) - and am about to dust the free golden cards b/c my computer may run HS, but all special/golden (i.e. shiny) graphics are just black spots.
   I also think that the idea of golden cards, or at least collecting those especially, is a silly waste of time and energy. And no, I had no particular fondness or desire for foil cards in M:tG, either.

   In this significantly longer article, I want to talk about WotoG, my thoughts on things related to the set, the set and the cards I got out of it. But before all that - we're gonna have a break.