Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (05) - WotoG deck changes

In this second post on the "Whispers of the old Gods" set, I want to go into which deck changes this has inspired (for me, at least), how I think they fare in comparison to their earlier forms, and how I would evolve them (if the opportunity presents itself).

But before all that, let's have a small break, shall we?
 "Djinni ad-Din IV" - Paladin

Hand of Protection x2
Blessing of Power x2
Argent Squire x2
Dragon's Egg x2
Abusive Sergeant x2
Leprous Gnome x2
Divine Strength x2
Jeweled Scarab x2
Truesilver Champion x2
Hammer of Wrath x2
Dragonkin Sorcerer x2
Consecration x2
Djinni of Zephyrs x2
Knight of the Silver Hand x2
Stormwind Champion x2

Basic Idea: Playing one buff is one thing - getting two out of them with the Djinni is more than two things. And the Paladins has access to both cheap (Blessing of Power et al) and powerful (Blessing of Kings et al) buffs. And now, there's one more good buff with Divine Strength!
Version Notes: When Standard hit, this deck took it in stride. When I opened two Divine Strengths, I instantly knew where they'd end up in! I also axed the Blessing of Kings (why play a +4/+4 buff for 4 mana when you can, at the very least, get a regular 4/4 for 4???) and, since I recently finished Blackrock Spire, implemented the Dragonkin Sorcerer in its place. The synergy between them and the Djinni and the cheap buffs gave me a hard-on that lasted for more than four hours.
Impending Changes: Well, "Keeper of Uldaman" and "Seal of Champions" are both still on the list, though I wouldn't really know what to take out for them as of right now.

Overall, I feel that this deck/its potential really ramped up with all the new stuff. And all that without playing C'Thun! On to the next one.

"F'taghn Rumble" - Shaman
Earth Shock
Frost Shock
Rockbiter's Weapon x2
Elvish Archer x2
Abusive Sergeant x2
Lava Shock x2
Flametongue Totem x2
Bilefin Tidehunter x2
Jeweled Scarab x2
Hex x2
Disciple of C'Thun x2
Fireguard Destroyer x2
Rumbling Elemental x2
Windspeaker x2
Fire Elemental x2
Northshire Kraken
C'Thun *

Basic Idea: Well, a lot of the C'Thun buff stuff is battlecry based. Does this make for a good thing to pair with the Rumbling Elemental?
Version Notes: It's basically my original RumbleCry with a few cards changed, based on what I got from my packs (which included only Battlecry based C'Thun buffs, as far as neutral cards go).
Impending Changes: Well, I already took out the Beckoner's of Evil - while being pretty ridiculous as a 2/3 for 2 in general - they just don't do anything else. I alsoalready  included a Kraken (because I think those are... pretty dope). In all honesty, I don't really know what to change.

Overall, I think this deck fares WORSE than its original, though I can't really point at exactly WHY that is. It also feels... wrong. I'll be messing around with the Elemental in decks for sure, but probably without C'Thun (though maybe still with his disciple - that's a really good card).

"Talons of C'Thun" - Hunter
Arcane Shot x2
Mark of the Hunter x2
Fiery Bat x2
Young Dragonhawk  x2
Leprous Gnome x2
Forest Wolf x2
Quickshot x2
Explosive Trap x2
Fairy Dragon x2
Jeweled Scarab x2
Kill Command x2
Animal Companion x2
Iron Beak Owl
Disciple of C'Thun x2
Grotesque Dragonhawk x2

Basic Idea: Zoo Face Hunter, basically. With "heavy" backup.
Version Notes: The advent of Standard saw both a nerf to the Leprous Gnome and Iron Beak Owl and the loss of the Glaivezooka, which certainly took away a big bit of speed from that type of deck. Thankfully, there's the Fiery Bat to make up for that. And the Disciple of C'Thun for some key board control. The Infest also makes for a nice Crowd Control defense.
Impending Changes: I think the Grotesque Dragonhawks aren't well suited to this deck. See, anybody will have an answer to at least one or two key heavies that absolutely positively must die. So only having two heavies which both allow the opponent to respond to it - not so good of an idea. I guess I'll replace with some other cheap beaters (Mutated Worgen, Worgen Spy or Flame Juggler come to mind) or sth that works against crowd control (Dragon Egg or Loot Hoarder).

Overall, I'm having more fun with this than with any earlier version.

Thanks for reading, see you next Tuesday for a look at the deck that took me as far as Rank 14(**), and remember:
It's all fun and games until somebody runs out of cards!