Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Falling up the stairs (04) - WotoG initial thoughts

   At the time of this writing, we've had "Whispers of the old Gods" (WotoG) and Standard Play for four/five days, I've had my 13 free packs and reached Rank 14 (More on that in a later article) - and am about to dust the free golden cards b/c my computer may run HS, but all special/golden (i.e. shiny) graphics are just black spots.
   I also think that the idea of golden cards, or at least collecting those especially, is a silly waste of time and energy. And no, I had no particular fondness or desire for foil cards in M:tG, either.

   In this significantly longer article, I want to talk about WotoG, my thoughts on things related to the set, the set and the cards I got out of it. But before all that - we're gonna have a break.
   So, uh, WotoG. This is the first time I was around for the release of a new set, so I don't know whether these was also true for GvG and/or TGT, but I don't suppose so.

Theme: I'm not a huuuuge Lovecraft afficiando, but I'm generally liking the concept and atmosphere, though a lot is focused on C'Thun (who happens to be the deadest giveaway I've seen. C'thulu. Second in line: Yogg-Saron/Yog-Sogoth). The theme is laid on pretty thick with myriads obvious references.
Release: You get three packs and two Beckoners of Evil and C'Thun. The last thing is, I think, important. While handing out a Legendary to everyone (within a certain time frame) may seem silly to some, imagine the set without it. Imagine getting all the support cards without potentially ever getting the one (!) card they are supporting. The latter is way, way worse.
Dailies: This is one of the things I'm unsure about, but at least for WotoG, on release day, there was a daily that gave you five more packs - which was followed by one that gave you another five. At least for me, WotoG rivals classic in total number of packs opened so far. All for winning nine standard games in total. This is, IMO, yet another thing Hearthstone is doing right.

Cards: Here's what those packs spouted at me, in (relative) order of unpacking:
 - C'Thun (L)
 - Beckoner of Evil x2
 - Silithid Swarmer (R) x2
 - Divine Strength x3
 - Flamewreathed Facless x3
 - Bloodhoof Brave
 - Eldritch Horror x2
 - Nerubian Prophet x3
 - Disciple of C'Thun (R) x2
 - Tentacle of N'zoth x3
 - Cult Apothecary x2
 - Thistletea (R)
 - Dark Arakkoa x2
 - Hooded Acolyte x2
 - Evolved Kobold
 - Infest (R) x2
 - Fiery Bat x3
 - Power Word: Tentacles (AKA Power Word: Hentai!)
 - Usher of Souls
 - Stand against Darkness x4 (Seriously, HS?)
 - Feral Rage
 - Bladed Cultist
 - Twilight Darkmender (R)
 - Grotesque Dragonhawk x2
 - Mire Keeper (R)
 - Southsea Squidface
 - Vilefin Inquisitor (E)
 - Twisted Worgen
 - Bloodsail Cultist (R)
 - Possessed Villager
 - Bilefin Tidehunter x2
 - Faceless Behemoth x2
 - Twilight Geomancer x2
 - Shatter
 - Corrupted Healbot (R)
 - Darkshire Councilman
 - Spreading Madness (R)
 - Faceless Conjurer x2
 - Forbidden Ritual (R)
 - Brood of N'zoth
 - Stormcrack
 - Servant of Yogg-Saron (R)

   That's only seven cards overlap out of thirteen packs, and only commons to boot, so a quite even stretch. Only one Epic though, which apparently doesn't really do anyfin (Hah!). Out of this lot, I am most happy about double Faceless Conjurer, Fiery Bat, Divine Strength and Disciple of C'Thun, which is easily turning into one of my favourite cards out of the whole set.
   Overall, I think it's a very good stock of cards to build on, seeing as I still got three wings of LoE to go through before I can hit the arena with full force. Turns out - a deck I built with the support of this card pool actually took me as far as Rank 14 (**).

   In the next posts, I'll elaborate a bit on how I worked these cards into my existing decks.

But until then remember:
It's all fun and games until somebody runs out of cards!