Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

Vyros/Ossyan Combi-list

Back when the Retribution of Scyrah was brand-new and shiny, I got hooked by Vyros' background, and tried out his original tier list in a Battle Report. With Wrath, Lord Arcanist Ossyan came, and his background was also very appealing to me. So it was set that I'd get into Retribution as a secondary faction sooner or later.

But with me being prone to spending as few cash as possible, how could I play these two, basically different warcasters without creating two inherently different armies, I thought?

The answer:

Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

Merry Christ-mas from CRL!

The crew would like - well I, Marth, do, and I think Arides'd be in too - to wish everyone reading these lines a Merry Christmas. That is all. :)