Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

Vyros/Ossyan Combi-list

Back when the Retribution of Scyrah was brand-new and shiny, I got hooked by Vyros' background, and tried out his original tier list in a Battle Report. With Wrath, Lord Arcanist Ossyan came, and his background was also very appealing to me. So it was set that I'd get into Retribution as a secondary faction sooner or later.

But with me being prone to spending as few cash as possible, how could I play these two, basically different warcasters without creating two inherently different armies, I thought?

The answer:
I don't need to. After giving it a lot of thought, this is the army composition I came up with which should cater to both casters needs. Let me break it down.

Dawnlord Vyros - a combined arms caster whose feat demands jacks to work, as do Mobility and Hallowed Avenger. On top of that, he has Bird's Eye, which makes ranged Warjacks quite scary under him. Luckily, that is something Ossyan likes, too.
Lord Arcanist Ossyan - Also a combined arms caster - very beneficial for the idea to work. His feat demands ranged, and his spell Chronomancer a battlegroup.

Gryphon x1 - everyone can use a good, reliable, cheap light. Vyros can make him a missile, and from my reckoning, Ossyan can, too, though differently.
Shyeel Heavy x1 - I'm specifically aiming for the Hydra, which is great with Vyros (because of Bird's Eye), and Ossyan (Pow 15 with boosted 4d6 on the feat turn). Same does go for the Manticore. Ossyan might actually profit a lot from the Phoenix, but I'm eyeing the Hydra first and foremost.
Vyre Heavy x1 - Probably the Daemon. Vyros loves the anti-infantry gun. Ossyan will probably do well with all of them. And everyone loves the Banshee.

My intent is to magnetize both heavies so they can fill a budget from 15-20 points.

Dawnguard Invictors (max, with UA) - It's a Dawnguard Unit, so it fits with Vyros, it's very good ranged, so it does with Ossy, too. Flanking can be provided, for example via the Gryphon, should the need arise, and they are a very good (if costly) ranged unit.
Stormfall Archers x1 - no need to mention these guys' power with Ossy, and if the Invictors have to do the melee duties, Vyros will love having the Stormfalls around.

Arcanist x1 - The little guy explains himself, and noone would doubt his use for any caster.
Sylys Wyshnallyr - Well, silly Willy/Cosmo is the only caster attachment for retribution, so his inclusion is obvious.

This boils down to about 25 points, depending on the choice of jacks. For additional, freed up points this way, a Ret player can select from Soulless Escorts, another Arcanist, the elvish mercs, Mage Hunter Assassins and other stuff. Going to 35, I'd definitely include Scyreth Issyen, and probably a Chimera - though there are certainly a lot of options to spend those six points on.

Price-wise, it tops off at ca. 130€(I already own Sylys). Not too bad for this endeavour.

If you have any comments/suggestions, please leave them below.

'Til next time,