Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

The Druzhina - Preparations

 after stumbling onto Mr. Malorians outstanding U-Tube "Podcast" called "The Orc Tactical Team", where he covers numerous aspects of Warhammer Fantasy Battle from a competitive orcish(&goblinish position), and watching through the whole thing, I was stricken with the thought: "Hey, that could work for warmachine, too. Plus, I could do it, and on top of that, it'd be fun."

Right now, this might seem like a copy (or rip-off, if you want it that way), but that's not my intention. Even though: I think it's a format worth copying. I'm going to use some select, broadly applicable/general topics from the OTT as a basis to start out from, but I'll apply them to Warmachine and deal with any topics mostly from a Khadoran point of view.

I'll label "my" take on this format "(The) Druzhina", after the Khadoran military institution where all the life-time soldiers go which want to rise beyond the grunt ranks. And that includes Warcasters, obviously. ;-) And maybe, in time, it'll diverge from the original OTT, if just for the system applied to.

Caveat: I do, however, not know when it'll start. Maybe I'll even record issues in advance to be published later on. If you as readers know any topic you want covered, be sure to leave a comment!
And until then, farewell!