Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Anima Tactics Impressions

So, there was an Anima Tactics demo day at our FLGS today. I didn't exactly participate (had to leave for a time, then came back), but I used the time to leaf through the Saga II book and to learn rules autodidactically. I wonder if that's even a word. [turns out: it is, and I've been using it correctly! But let's get BTT ASAP]

So during the day, I formed my opinion that it appears to be a visually appealing, fun, real skirmish game (i.e. you don't exeed ten models). The problem with that?
"Fun skirmish game" implies low cost to enter playing. Which in turn means "more models for Marth to never see paint". Rationally, I'd have to turn it down, at least until I step up my painting game.

Problem is, I'm on a dopamin-rush right. Bloody new games with existing player communities. But the prospect of having to paint four/five mini's for a suitable game size seems managable. Until I look at my Malifaux Ortega's, who're begging for more paint, and a game.


That said, I'll probably go donate blood next week, blow the money on the light starter, and afterwards order another one or two models. I guess I'll go by looks&style. For anyone interested, here's the link to Cipher Studio's galleries. I'd do a paint pledge, but I was laughed at when I said that in the shop. So I'll at least pledge not to make battle reports with unpainted A.T. miniatures.

Until then, leave C&C below, and farewell.