Montag, 27. August 2012

Marth & the Machines #68 - and now on Facebook, too!

All that like the show and have an account are invited to join & like & stuff. ;-)

All that like it and do NOT have an account - create one if you want. Just remember: What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook.

In issue #68, I'm sending Zerkova up against Constance Blaize. Witness one of the most stylish ends ever!

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Faded Black T.Shirt - list/caster musings

So, earlier this year I took a trip to attend a Warmachine tournament a little farther away than usually. Back then it was a 42 points / 8 reinforcements, 50 min Chess Clock tournament, with a lot of Legion and Cryx to be expected, and me drawing the other two Khador players. Maybe you remember.

This time around, the set-up has changed significantly. 50 points / 10 reinf., 12 min timed turns. Divide and Conquer as usual, two lists (with the option of bringing a third). That's a lot of points to lug around with you, but I've signed up for the event and am intending to roll with the circumstances.

Today, I want to muse a bit about the lists I'm currently considering to take.

Montag, 20. August 2012

Marth & the Machines #67 - Jarl v. Siege

Holidays are over! Siege and Jarl are kicking off the past-summer action in this fast paced, action-fueled... comedy of errors and display of lacking memory. "Behind enemy lines" turning into "Having no idea". Still, enjoy!

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

An end is nighing...

...assuming that's even a word. What I'm referring to?

Marth & the Machine's summer holiday vacation is about to end! Expect issue #67 next monday, and another issue every week again!

(Which will last until I completely catch up with my material... and that's not too far off.)

Samstag, 4. August 2012

Lt. Caine's GungHo Guns

While M&tM is on Summer Holiday Hiatus, here's a minimal spoiler - a List that I'm going to play in an upcoming report.

Lt. Caine (-6)
Hunter (6)
Defender (9)
Trencher Commandos (min) (6)
Rangers (5)
Black 13th (4) "Lynch the Flare", "Ryan the Magestorm", "Watts the Hotshot"
GMCA (2) "Booth the Assassin"
Squire (2) "Beep-beep the Robot"

Yeah, consider it a Trigun homage. :)