Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Faded Black T.Shirt - list/caster musings

So, earlier this year I took a trip to attend a Warmachine tournament a little farther away than usually. Back then it was a 42 points / 8 reinforcements, 50 min Chess Clock tournament, with a lot of Legion and Cryx to be expected, and me drawing the other two Khador players. Maybe you remember.

This time around, the set-up has changed significantly. 50 points / 10 reinf., 12 min timed turns. Divide and Conquer as usual, two lists (with the option of bringing a third). That's a lot of points to lug around with you, but I've signed up for the event and am intending to roll with the circumstances.

Today, I want to muse a bit about the lists I'm currently considering to take.
Obviously, I'll be playing Khador. For my most recent tourneys, I decided to take a list I consider strong (Vladimir Xp with Assassins & stuff) and pair it with a list that counter-balances the first list (Harkevich with heavy armour). Character Mercenaries in italics.

List 1 - Vladimir (36):
Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion (-5), Marauder (7); Doom Reavers w/ Greylord Escort (8), Kayazy Assassins w/ Underboss (10), Kayazy Eliminators (3), Kayazy Eliminators (3), Widowmakers (4); Widowmaker Marksman (2), Saxon Orrik (2), Harlan Versh (2)

List 2 - Harkevich (35):
Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf (-5), Black Ivan (10), Spriggan (10), Destroyer (9); Greylord Ternion (4), Winterguard Infantry w/ Officer & Standard (6); Sylys Wyshnallyr (2)

That is the general idea I want to be rolling with once more. However both the points size of 50 and the option for a third list got me thinking about how to expand, and whom to take as my third caster. A few points are already clear - a) I want a Koldun Lord for Harkevich, b) the third caster picked should be a strong one again, since I already got an "odd" choice in Harkevich.

Let's resolve the caster issue here. My choices are: Sorscha, Sorscha Xp, Butcher, Zerkova, Irusk, Irusk Xp. Limiting Factors: the other lists are melee-focussed assassination, and heavy armour focused combined arms. So for the last one, I'd prefer to be all-rounder all around. And I'd like something with a massive damage output. And I would prefer not running another dark horse. And I'd like it painted. That sort of limits my selection to Irusk, Butcher, Sorscha Xp. I never played Irusk Xp, Zerkova and Sorscha are too dark horsey. Out of all this, I guess, I'll have go either with Butcher or Sorscha, since they buff both melee and ranged. I'd be picking that over Irusk's attrition powers just because... I'm expecting colossals. And I've been finding myself to be too reliant on melee. Sorscha's feat probably is the more awesome one when it comes to damage, but the Butcher's is just way easier to apply for me. That, and he is painted, and I've played him, even if not to a lot of success.

So, to wrap up this article, here's a preliminary Butcher list that I'd take:

List 3 - Orsus Zoktavir (36):
Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher of Khardov (-5), Spriggan (10), Destroyer (9); Iron Fang Pikemen w/ Officer & Standart (10), Winterguard Rifle Corps (6), Greylord Ternion (4); Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2).

I'd consider that to be a solid mix. I'd have to get Rifle Corps & Joe beforehand, though... for expansions, I'd want Eliminators and probably some weapon crews, too.

C&C welcome!