Freitag, 15. April 2016

Falling up the stairs (03) - Shaking things up

   As I communicated in former posts, I did the first wing of "League of Explorers". And one of those cards was/is the "Rumbling Elemental", a Shaman card. He's obviously big on the elements, but this Elemental was really different - has no "active" ability of it's own, but one that reacts to other cards by flinging two damage whenever a card with a battlecry is played.

   I've been pondering a deck build around it for some time. Quick interjection: That's a ridiculous idea, by the way, building around two cards out of thirty. I then went ahead and did it - a basic suite of Shaman spells, the Elemental, and then as many Battlecry cards as I could grab.

Short warning: As per the most recent BattleNet update, I can't access the BN anymore, and thusly can't play Hearthstone, which is very sad, as, even though my Graphics card wasn't "supported", the game ran fine enough for me. This enrages me! I'm working on a solution, but that'll take a while.

List after the break.

RumbleCry II
Frost Shock x2
*Rock-Eater's Weapon x2
Elvish Archer x2
Abusive Sergeant x2
Lava Shock x2
Flame Tongue Totem x2
Jeweled Scarab x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
*Ironforge Gunner x2
Rumbling Elemental x2
Wind Speaker x2
*Night Blade x2
*Storm Lance Commando
Fire Elemental x2
Frost Elemental x2
Elune Priest

Basic Idea: Get the Elemental out, and watch it deal damage with all the battlecries. Work towards victory through board control, generally.
Version Notes: I swapped in the two Abusive Sergeants for a Flame Juggler and a Earthen Ring Farseer, and they're really performing well. There are two singles - the Commando and the Elune Priest - who could do with being exchanged for something else or be doubled up on, Hexes, for example, or Fireguard Destroyers - which are serious, cheap beatsticks.
Impending Changes: I think this deck wants Brann Bronzebeard, probably in exchange for the Commando. He looks like an auto-include for a deck built around battlecries and the Elemental. Also, I guess I'd like to exchange the Frost Shocks for Earth Shocks, either one or both. What could also work wonderfully would including Brewmasters (the young ones, mostly, for being cheaper). The Elemental's ability would even trigger before their battlecry of bouncing a friendly minion.
Strategies: The cards you'll always want to keep in your starting hand are the 1-Mana drops, the Scarab, and the Flametongue Totem - which'll generally hit the board in Turn 3 so you start bringing the hurt with your turn two drops. If you go second and get an Elemental, it's an ok choice to play it turn three - any hate it gets is not directed anywhere else, and it will get it anyway should you be able to follow it up with two drops or say, a Windspeaker, in turn four.

In it's current iteration, this deck carried me to Rank 18** on a Win Streak (which still are rare for me), and would probably even go further were there not the aforementioned tech problems. Should those be (or: when those are) fixed, I'll go with an intro guide next.

See you around, and:
It's all fun and games until somebody runs out of cards.