Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Khador 2014 - Part 01 "Life/Hobby Balance"

The life/hobby balance, and how to do back-pedaling when necessary

Let me - in true human sciences/linguist fashion - start this article off with a quote from Coldplay's "Viva la vida":
"I used to roll the dice / see the fear in my enemies' eyes"
 Does this article have you worried? I do not know, and if it does, sorry. But I think it makes an all the more valuable topic to talk about - what to do when you find yourself at the point of realisation your hobby has gotten the better part of your life, as if it turned into an angry deity that made you sacrifice your money, friends(, and possibly more!) for the pleasures it (used to) provide(s) you?
First off, let me say this: This article has been around for a longer time. I initially had a lot to say, but now I think that: "Shorter and more concise is better".

   Why start off an article series called Khador 2014, which is obviously about gaming, with a topic like this? Simple: I'll be a father, come the end of month. This is another step onward from me getting married. Which was a significant change from me being a lone gamer for a long time. Back when I was alone, I was able to go to any tournaments I wanted to. In 2012, I visited about a tourney a month, and travelled quite far across the state to do so? With a fiancé/wife, the only way you can keep that up is if she's into the hobby as much as you. You need your S.O.'s support (or at least, understanding) for the hobby.

   One of the most important I learned during the first half of last year, though, is that you have to cut back on the gaming, at least for the time being. Because now, you have sb else to care about, you have a household to maintain (or at the very least, your "maintaining"is checked on by another party, so you can't let it slide as much). This means that you have to adjust your time management, you can't really go on as before (though this is depending on the intensity with which you were hobbying).
   This doesn't mean to totally cut back on it, but I found something that's really close to a function formula:
Family >> Work >> Hobby
As easy as that. If there are any problems arising, the Hobby is the first one to get ditched. If you have an understanding wife (as I do ;-)), she'll recognize the sacrifice you made, especially if she knows how much the hobby means to you.

   So that's actually all for this article. Well, mostly. I'll share my hobby plan for this year with you, which will be special because of me, well, becoming a father. We were (we as in Fiona, Arides, and me) intending to go to ClogCon, "Come for the games, return for the people"-style. IF we do, we've got to do so keeping the kid in mind. Now that we have obtained a foldable travel bed for children, we're a big step closer!

   To wrap this up: If you're looking to keep the peace in your family - and you should - you will have to make adjustments. They will, however, not hurt as much as you might think, and it can be made to fit in well.

Brief spoilers for next time: My initial lists for the Year of the Beard. Until then, farewell!