Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Khador 2014 - Part 02 "Year of the Beard"

Bring it on! (courtesy of PG Somnicide)
Fellow comrades, it's time for me to speak about the "Year of the Beard", and my plans for it. Or, at least, my initial ideas. For this issue, I think we'll best stick with the intention behind the "campaign" and my initial lists for Harkevich. Meh, I'll throw in an outlook for ClogCon.

So, what's the origin of the "Year of the Beard"? In my own words, it started with Will Pagani winning WMW using Vladimir, the Dark Prince (with Assault Kommandos no less). When that debate proceeded, Jason Flanzer (I think) stated that Harkevich actually had some of the best tournament/convention standings. Since that went hitherto unnoticed, a lot of eyebrows were raised, and people stepped in to back him up, assuring the Khador players that he wasn't trolling.

So the "Year of the Beard" is, at its heart, a campaign to play the heck out of Harkevich and find out whether Flanzer was right, or trolling indeed. It's the attempt to empirically unlock his potential. And I'm game! (Lost causes are the best causes ;-))

With that, I guess we can finally approach the two 50pt lists I'll play for him. I've "settled" on two lists since Harkevich's Tier is so good that it must be kept in mind.

List 1 - "The Wolf Pack" Theme Force, Tier 4:
Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf -5
Black Ivan                     9
Spriggan                       9
Demolisher(or other 9-pt Jack) 8
Winterguard Infantry (max)     6
w/ Winterguard Rocketeer*3     3
w/ Officer & Standard Bearer   2
Winterguard Rifle Corps (max)  8
Winterguard Mortar Crew        3
Winterguard Fieldgun Crew      2
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich       2
Widowmaker Marksman            2
War Dog                        1

The Theme Force does allow for Man-o-Wars, which I am aware of. However, I can't really find space for the MoW Drakhun, and Shocktroopers - which I played last ClogCon, and performed very well - but I can't have the IFK, which is a bummer. I'm expecting changes in this list, probably when the Dopamine-rush winds down.

List 2 - Regular Khador Army:
Izak Harkevich, the Iron Wolf -5
Black Ivan                    10
Spriggan                      10
Greylord Outriders (max)       9
Greylord Ternion               4
Iron Fang Pikemen (max)        8
w/ Officer & Standard Bearer   2
Winterguard Riflecorps (min)   5
Iron Fang Kovnik               2
Koldun Lord                    2
War Dog                        1
Harlan "Motherfuckin'" Versh   2

This list's 'Jack loadout may seem special - here I'm trying to do the unintuitive thing and play Hark' more like a regular Khadoran 'Caster with two 'Jacks. I'm avoiding to give in to my itch and put three 'Jacks on him, which is easier when you're not getting a discount. I also went with a classical list make-up, with Greylord Ternion and Iron Fangs, aided with the most recent toys in form of the Greylord Outriders (who should do great with Fortune on them), the Iron Fang Kovnik, and the Winterguard Riflecorps. Dopamine-rush, just sayin'. ;-) Harlan Versh is there for a little upkeep hating. No Black Dragons for two reasons: a) no BDIFP upgrade kit (yet), b) Pathfinder on the charge.
   This list may actually be able to stomach Eiryss2, but I won't mess around with it without any gameplay experience. Once again, no MoW Kovnik. I designed this list as a flexible, all-comers, standalone list; this may change depending on the other list at tournaments. If I were to go ARM-crazy (MoW Shocktroopers + IFK, MoW Drakhun and such), I'd do it out of Tier, due to the IFK's existence.

   Oh yeah, the ClogCon outlook: We're planning on going, but I'm intending to only participate in one tourney every day, and leave the rest of the time for family/free gaming. I'm specifically looking at these three tournaments: 25pts Mangled Metal Speed Machine; 35pts Hydra (or 50pt Doubles), maybe the Thunderdome Competition; and the 35pt Steamroller on Sunday.
   Once we get the tickets, I'll hook you up with my lists. Which may very well be the next Khador 2014 article already.

Until then, farewell!