Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Marth in Space - Firestorm Armada 00

Here's the opener to the coverage that I'll dedicate to Firestorm: Armada from Spartan Games (FS:A from here on). It has some pictures and comments, but nothing too indepth on the game mechanics.

Alright - FS:A has hit our local gaming group, and several people picked the game up. The players with the most games under their belts were having a game a while back, where I took the following pictures:


Oh yeah, the promised comments: Currently, there's a player for every faction. Sort of. The two fleets shown here are the ones actually painted, but I hope the others will join in on that. So far, everyone is having a lot of fun, and trying a number of things out instead of "dicing it out" (which tends to end in "getting yatzeed", which is our way of referring to a game that was won by dice rolls only). In the game shown, there was a boarding action - and a counter-boarding action that failed miserably. 

I'm mostly settled on Terrans as my faction, thus joining the defenders in this war, who have to gather all they can and wage war with it, an alliance holding out against a unified military machine. But before I can join the fight (which includes buying and painting the Battle Group), I have to sell and paint other stuff. And I'm also unsure about my paint scheme... if anyone has a valid suggestion, please post a comment below.

Thanks for reading!