Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

B.A.D. #1 Redux

Okay, I'll make this quick, but there'll be a more detailed Video coming up!
B.A.D. #1 had six participants (Trollbloods, Mercenaries, Skorne, 3*Khador), and my matchups were Trollbloods, then Khador, then Mercenaries. I won with Zerkova v. Grim Angus, and lost with Irusk against Epic Sorscha as well as against Constance Blaize. Maybe I should've stuck to Zerkova in the later rounds. ;-)

We're already in the planning stages for #2, but tournament-wise, my next target is scheduled for the end of August, and happening in Koblenz. I view it mostly as a scouting mission - checking out the competitivity of the other gaming communities in the region before we open up the B.A.D. to anybody (i.e. make it non-invitational).