Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

"Let's hit the space bar!" - FTL 01

   Recently I spent two-thirds of my monthly hobby budget on a video game - I bought FTL from steam, because I saw it, and immediately liked it. Which may be due to the fact that I'm an old school computer guy (I had a C64, and played the digital crap out of it!) who conciously witnessed the development of computer technology from its beginnings to their modern shape, and FTL's "retro, no-nonsense" graphics flood my brain with serotonines, stimulated by memories from way back when computer games were simple in graphics, but very deep when it comes to ways of dying.
   I can't say that I have played it a ton (yet!), but I'm seriously addicted. There's a lot to explore, discover, achieve, and the obvious death at the hands of the rebel flagship (Seriously, whoever designed that thing probably was one of those WOW players that liked to gank (i.e. kill players to weak to defend themselves against you and your gear) others).

   In this string of articles, I'll try to briefly cover some awesome things I came across. This time, after the break, let me jabber about: the Vulcan Laser.

   I came across it by accident, and only once so far. Good gracious, what a weapon! When I did, I was rocking the Kestrel Cruiser (which already has an impressive armoury), and immediately worked to include it.

Why, you ask? It's because the Vulcan Laser's reload time shortens every time it fires. It starts off very slow, but that's no problem, because all intense fights tend to take a while. Once it reaches a count of four, however, it fires faster than shields can regenerate. This is SO awesome. This weapon, kinda singlehandedly, ripped the rebel flagship a new ***hole. Sure, I had other stuff going on, too, but that was it. It was pounding the flagship so mercilessly (Autofire Option, of course), I stopped paying attention - and then it was destroyed with my boarding crew still on it. Dang.

But now it's on my goto-list for weaponry, because it really allows to deal with the flagship by kicking down the front door. So, if you run into it - take it. Won't disappoint.

Next time - Boarding Drones!
But until then, farewell.