Samstag, 16. April 2011

"Ambuscade" Revisited: C.R.L.'s Bait & Bludgeon (with edits!)

So I promised to the Tabletopgamers I'd test the ambuscade scenario they came up with (see earlier post), apply some tweaks of mine, and then report. This is it. The full report on Lady Z springing a trap from Victoria Haley will be in M&tM #48, but here's the technical rundown and observations. Enjoy!

Roll off. Winning player gets the choice to go and deploy first or second. (i.e. whether he sets or springs the trap)

The rules for Advance Deployment and Advance Move are inactive during this game.
The player deploying first deploys any number of Casters, Jacks, Units or solos, equalling at least 4 points but no more than half of his total army points (rounded down), completely within a 12" diameter circle centered on the center of the table. 
The second player then deploys his force at least 12" away from any of the attacker's models currently on the table.
All models/units the first player did not deploy gain the "Ambush" rule and are deployed according to that rule, ignoring the "back of opponent's deployment zone" reference.

[Ambush - you can choose not to deploy this unit/model at the start of the game. If it is not deployed normally, you can put it into play at the end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. When you do, choose any table edge except the back of your opponent's deployment zone. Place this model/unit in formation within 3" of the chosen table edge.]

Ending the Game
Assassination. In addition, the second player wins if he controls the first player's centre deployment zone, starting on his third turn. He controls a zone if he has a model or whole unit within the control zone and his opponent does not.

So, how it went? Well, Arides put out the Black 13th, a Firefly, and a Stormtower as the bait. Zerkova came with a Tier 4 Howling Wolves list - Spriggan, Marauder, Vanguard, Kayazy + UA, Greylord Ternion, Koldun Lord, Widowmaker, Marksman.
Zerkova's force, having encircled the bait, draws in, and then Haley shows up behind her with a Stormclad, Devil Dogs + Murdoch, Thorn; and there were also two Stormsmith joining in on the other side of the table.

Final Result - Zerkova wins on her second try. My first attempt left Vicky alive on 1 HP, and then Arides failed to assassinate me by two points, and then I was able to take it.

This scenario has stirred my creative abilities from a long slumber. I will keep working on the B&B scenario with Arides, testing different situations, armies, possibilities forcefully. It is, in the current form, clean and simple, and I am determined to make it work smoothly.
Additional thoughts: This scenario is very demanding of the players. The one who neglects it first is probably the one who will lose - and it's the scenario's "fault." Still, it should be expected from a trap, shouldn't it?

Until next time, farewell!