Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Marth & the Machines #42 - Sebastian Nemo v. Sorscha Kratikoff Xp

In issue #42, watch me - armed with the forces of Cygnar under Commander Adept Nemo - go up against Khador under Forward Kommander Kratikoff. The scenario roll came up for Throwdown, and the size was 25 points. Enjoy!

Nemo is, IMO, a great caster with a very useful spell list. So useful indeed that you'll never have enough focus with him. And I'm certain: All Nemo lists need a Lancer or other Arcnode, just to keep him away from the frontline.

And, as recently observed: His feat eats Shredder spam LoE lists for lunch, dinner, and in between! :D

Once I got ahold of all necessary pictures, you can expect the next issue coming soon. Until then, farewell!