Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Seizing Command 09 - Sanctifier is over 9000

With the advent of Removed from Play: Decked Out, a particular Protectorate Deck idea I already had was brought to fruition. Back when we first started playing, I hardly ever won, yet still could boast "...but my Occupying Forces Pile is higher than yours!" That meant nothing, though.

With Invasion of Sul, PoM gets access to the Sanctifier. It's already a good piece in the tabletop, but in High Command it's downright great. For all that don't know it: It's power increases for every three cards in your Occupying Forces Pile - and thinning your deck by moving cards there kinda is PoM's shtick in WM:HC.

I will tell you all about my "Sanctifier is over 9000" deck after a short break.
To start this off, here is the card list by detachment.

Orange - Vice Scrutator Vindictus
   The Covenant of Menoth x2
   Crusader x2
   Forging the Faithful x2
   Holy Zealot Mob x3
   Repenter x1
   Sanctifier x2

Yellow - The High Reclaimer
   Deliverer Sunburst Detachment x2
   Flameguard Cleanser Phalanx x3
   Forging the Faithful x2
   Hierarch's Command x1
   Temple Flameguard Champions x2
   Wracked Heretics x2

Purple - The Harbinger of Menoth
   The Avatar of Menoth x2
   Chained Vassal Arcanist x1
   Dervish x2
   Hierarch's Command x1
   Paladins of the Wall x2
   Sanctifier x3
   Wracked Heretics x1

'Caster Choices:
   Actually, they were chosen mostly for style (mostly). I wanted 'Casters that actually were present in Sul during the Invasion, which was most of them. Since the colour selection is fixed for this deck (each specific colour provides key elements), Kreoss, Reznik, Amon and Thyra were out. I took Vindictus because his ability is just great, since it can discard cards even before battle (if their power matches or exceeds their health). I took the Harbinger because, well, style, and the ability may come in handy, and the High Reclaimer because of style, too - except for the two Paladins, there aren't any really great targets, and the deck's main concept is likely to remove the infantry. Alternatives would be Feora, Sevvy1 and Sevvy2. While Sevvy2 can clear a location on his lonesome or with a little help, the deck's economy doesn't take lightly to 5 CMD. Feora is good(ish), but she requires WAR, which is in rather high demand. Sevvy1 actually was in the deck before Harbinger, so he could easily make his return.

General Plan:
   Running five Sanctifiers and four Forging the Faithful, this deck is obviously built around the Occupying Forces Pile (henceforth OFP), and increasing its size, which in turn cranks the Sanctifiers up to idiotic levels of power, which in turn should enable them to really give you location presence advantage by obliterating the enemy. Once they hit Power 6+, it starts getting really rough. Also, the deck's main combat capabilities stem from the warjacks, which are all costed 4 or 6 (to purchase, that is), something easily gotten with the resources provided by the cards. I'm actually rather proud of the economic power and "curve", and how well it plays out.

Preferred Locations (Base Game)
   Sure, base game locations aren't really special, but I'd give a certain priority to Ancient Icthier and Tower Judgement (because of their high VP), then Fort Falk (saves you a Santcifier, most likely) and Northguard (that ability is sooooo good). Rynyr has an effect that synergises with the deck, but is quite redundant with Forging the Faithful x4.

Preferred Locations (Invasion of Sul)
   This deck likes to fight at the Menite Temple simply because the optional immediate removal allows you to accelerate the deck's main plan (by A LOT). Since purchasing & deploying is more PoM's thing than rushing, Narrow Streets are another wonderful candidate. Not to mention the overall nuisance that Walls of Sul are. It should, if possible, stay clear (or have an plan for) the Exemplar Acropolis (Warjacks are penalised), Gates of Sul (excessive power is wasted), and Temple of the Creator (at least with sanctifiers. Clever targeting could remove them first, which would be.... bothersome).

Preferred Locations (Castle of the Keys)
   I don't own nor played with CotK. Intel on that may follow through, so I'll either expand this later or do a dedicated post about it.

So, I guess that is all for now. I'll try and get a game report in with the deck, to illustrate how it works.

But until then, farewell!