Samstag, 13. September 2014

Our first spell draft - the Arides Redux

Our first spell draft - the Arides Redux

Another weekend, another tournament Marth looked forward to, but had to drop out. And another tournament failure on my record score... ;)

I went 8th of 8 players, 18 victory points and the highest SoS in the entire tournament (6). I have no idea how my SoS rose to such a level, but last place is last place.

I played against:

Trollbloods - pGrissel
Cryx - Lich Lord Terminus
Circle - eMorvahna

I won't sum up every game in detail, because I played the worst games of this entire year. I will show you the list I build for this event, the spells I picked and the spells I believe should never reach certain casters/factions.

My List:

Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo +6
 - Ol' Rowdy                    9
 - Lancer                       6
Squire                          2

Stormblade Infantry             5
Stormbalde Officer & Standard   3
Tactical Arcanist Corps         4

Lieutenant Allison Jakes        3
 - Hunter                       6
Arlan Strangewayes              2

I chose prime Nemo for the following reasons:
 - he can generate up to eleven focus starting round 2
 - he can allocate up to five focus to a single warjack of his battlegroup
 - he can extend his controlarea if needed
 - his spell list is not as important to him, as its is to other casters

I wanted the rest of the list either to fuel Nemo's accumulator or to act independend from Nemo or his spell support, if the draft should grant me... let's say sub-optimal options.

Than we drafted our spell lists and this is what I came up with:
  - Quicken
 - Coup de Main
 - Rush
 - Rage
 - Mortality
 - Immolation
 - Ornery (misread it and should have picked the other spell)
 - Crevasse (last card of the spell deck, duh)

Yep I could have given a single warjack the ability to charge for free, with +2 SPD and +4" movement and pathfinder, or a unit +2 SPD +2" movement and free charges. Plus, I was the one who asked if all instances of "warbeast" are replace with "warjack" and vice versa the main reason I got my hands on Rush and Rage.
Immolation and Quicken went to Jakes, the rest stayed on Nemo.

Having lost all due to all kind of mistakes made by me, felt like "I should have played Kraye." but on the other hand my opponents might not have passed me the spells they did, if they'd knew what caster I would be playing but I'm drifting of...

Here are some thoughts about spells drafted today:
 - Eye of Menoth is sick if paired with Trollbloods fielding Krielstone and their usual retinue (now known as Eye of Dunia)
 - Defenders Ward does not belong in the hands of Circle warlocks. DEF 15/ARM 17 Tharn Ravagers are not fun at all.
 - Signs and Portents is a spell everyone would kill to get it into their spelllist
 - Mutagenesis has to be kept away from Kromac ;)

Which caster would you have played in my stead? Or what list would you have given pNemo if you had to take him?

until next time...

if there is another one this year ;)