Montag, 7. April 2014

Seizing Command 01: Basic Kickstarter thoughts

Hey everyone,
while this blog has slowed down again after that spurt that was the Grolar news, I got to play another game of Warmachine: High Command (WMHC or just HC from hereon out).

And afterwards I thought to myself: If I'm taking my time in exploring the game and building decks (inevitably trying to win), why not blog about it? Gives me a way to better process my thoughts, something to look back on - and for you sth to point your finger at and laugh out loud. Not that I'd assume you'll do that, but the option certainly will be there (when in doubt, you can also always face-palm).

And in this inaugural issue of "Seizing Command", we'll talk about "Kickstarter"!
"What has Kickstarter to do with HC? Is there one coming up?" you may ask.

So, to be more precise, I'm going to talk about the HC variant called Kickstarter, as published in the latest NQ. The main difference is that you get to rush/deploy cards from the word "go". Also, you get to exchange cards from your beginning army deck (i.e. from the basic resources with which you start) for unused cards. These cards cannot cost more than 3 CMD or WAR.

The NQ doesn't clearly say what's considered unused, but based on what the rulebook says about card selection during deck construction, I think its safe to assume that unused cards are cards from the detachments you chose. That's not certain at the time of this writing, but I'll bug Fearlord until I get an answer.

As this is just a basic thoughts post, I'll not go too deep into faction-specific thoughts. Here's what I'm thinking so far:
• "Requisition" and "Coal Shipment" will make for really strong early turns. Question will be whether you'll use them to strengthen your current position or getting something bigger for the following turns.
• The 1 CMD/1 WAR resources will very likely leave the deck, unless sb has a really strong plan.
• I think Protectorate and Cryx will be serious contenders in this variant format.

I hope I get to play some games with that format soon, but whether or not - I'm going to write articles for all Factions with this variant in mind. Probably in the following order: Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate.

Until then, farewell!