Freitag, 11. April 2014

Seizing Command 03: Kickstarter thoughts - Cygnar

Alright, the day before yesterday, I wrote to you about Cryx in the Kickstarter variant - and as outlined in the first article, now it's Cygnars turn. Before we come to the detail break, let me state two very important things that are different between Cryx and Cygnar:

a) All detachments are available twice (at the time of Into the Breach and forgoing promo cards) - Cryx only had G on Skarre.
b) No cards are excluded as swap-ins because they have Victory Points on them. That's a relief!
c) There are not that many, though.

Now, onto the nitty gritty. You ready?
The following cards are available as replacements (they're not really "swapped", even though I'll keep calling it that) for basic resource cards of your army deck:

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (O/P): These guys are 1 CMD/ 1WAR cards (one of four in this list), they can be 3/3 or 2/3 with Sup.Range, and that makes them very strong choices. They do cost 3 CMD, though.
Charger (O/Y): Another 1-1 card, that can reach 3/4 in combat (there'll be more of those), and since it's a warjack, its cost of 3 WAR will weigh on your resources differently than the slew of CMD cards you're likely to have around in this variant.
Field Mechanic Corps (R/Y): The third 1-1 card, these guys are 1/2 in combat, pump the Health of 'Jacks at their location, and are cheap - but they're also easy to pick off, which probably will be a bad thing for you.
Grenadier (O/G): It's resources are bad (0-1), but it can reach the same combat values as the charge without a discard when accompanied by Trenchers. More on that later.
Journeyman Warcaster (B/P): This is a prime choice, IMO. Its resources are good (1-2), it's 1/3 in combat which tends to keep it around, and it really pumps up a 'Jack's power. This'll likely make you stomach it's cost of 3 CMD.
Long Gunner Platoon (O/Y): Bad resources (1-0), low combat stats (1/2)... even Sup.Range and it's low cost don't really offset these drawbacks. Not a good choice to swap-in.
Squire (Y/P): Same goes for this guy. Bad resources, (1-0), no combat ability (0/2), though cheap - and you can rush a 'Caster without paying. That last part may be a saving grace as a swap-in, but I think it's too finesse.
Trencher Light Artillery Team (O/Y/G): Getting closer to it. Resource-wise, these can replace Recruitments (2-0), their Covering Fire ability really screws with the opponent's math, and they provide the Grenadier a bonus. The covering fire especially makes them worth 3 CMD, even moreso in this variant.
Trencher Scattergunner Team (O/G): These are the last 1-1 contenders, and with combat stats of 2/3 as well as Spray Attack, they're really good choices. Even though they lose that when with a Grenadier, they're still as formidable (mathwise) as the Light Artillery Team above.

How'd I go about building the Deck for this? Probably as an amalgamation of the Journeyman Warcasters, Trenchers & Grenadiers, first of all. Which means B or P (probably P, what with three Journeymen), and then O or G (probably G, has as many Grenadiers and more Light Artillery Teams). The even spread of Detachments among Cygnar Warcasters enables me to choose the Detachments first, and Warcasters later. I'd pair this up with a Detachment strong on Heavies - likely R. I'd replace three Steam & Iron Works with JWCs, two Recruitments with Trencher Light Artillery Teams, and the whole suit of Noble's Backings with two each Arcane Tempest Gun Mages and Trencher Scattergunner Teams.

I've build a rough draft of a first deck... let's hope I find a suitable reporting format...
Until then, farewell!