Montag, 14. April 2014

Seizing Command 05: Kickstarter thoughts - Protectorate

Welcome to this latest (and probably last) HC article on the kickstarter variant! I'll be covering the Protectorate of Menoth now, which, in theory, with their low purchase costs, should gain a certain amount of formidability in this format. I guess we'll see how true that statement is.

The Protectorate is the only faction to currently sport not one, but two cards which are barred from being swapped in courtesy of granting a victory point: the Flameguard Cleanser Phalanx and the Deliverer Sunburst Detachment (Seriously, it would've been kinda sick otherwise).

With those out of the way, what's left?

Allegiants of the Fist (O/G): Balanced resources, cheap cost... but IMO, meditate kills it for them.
Chained Vassal Arcanists (Y/P): Remember what I said about Journeymen? These guys aren't as ridiculous, but can support a Jack-centred build. I'd take the full suit, with them being cheap, too.
Daughter of The Flame (G/B): They're moderate in cost, but that ability is really great, and with 2/3 in combat they're hardy, too.
Deliverer Skyhammers (O/G/P): I may have overexaggerated the point of abilities like Rocket volley - not that it's not good, but it needs them to survive. Besides that, they're pretty legit swap-ins.
Dervish (O/G/P): I stand by my opinion that light Warjacks are very plausible inclusions, but let's be honest - the Protectorate has an overabundance of swappable 1 CMD/ 1WAR cards, so this is a hard choice to make, if you can just rush the light, too.
Holy Zealot Mob (O/G): Well, Zealots... 'nuff said. Not that they're bad (or expensive), but for this format, you might want to go with more "shiny" swaps.
Paladins of the Wall (B/P): I think these guys are serious money. Yes, there's meditate, but then, they're 3/4 after it wears off.
Temple Flameguard Phalanx (R/Y): See Zealots, above - with the added problem of trashy resources.
Vigilant (R/Y): Probably the same issue as the Dervish has, but with less offensive output, which I feel is necessary to have, too.
Wracked Heretics (Y/P): The last great card. Seriously, why not spam wracks and draw more cards that fuel your engine? it'll be hard with all the competition though, but this may be just the best choice.

So, what'd I go with?
There's four things I want: Vassals, Paladins, Daughters, Wracks. So likely both B and P, which means Severius or Vindictus at the least. The only issue with Protectorate Detachments is that G is only available through Amon (seriously, it's always this detachment that only has one 'Caster (outside of Cygnar)), and R/B as well as O/Y appear twice as combinations on 'Casters... makes 'Casters more exchangable, but WTF?
As for Swaps... All the P Vassals for the respectively costed basic Resource, two Paladins, one Daughter and one Wrack for Support of the Faithful, as well as one of the 2 WAR basic resources for another Wrack.

That, ladies and gentlemen, leaves nothing but the game report to be done...

until then, farewell!