Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Seizing Command 02: Kickstarter Thoughts - Cryx

As I foretold, this'll now be the post on my thoughts regarding Cryx and the Kickstarter variant of High Command. If any of you have your own thoughts on this matter - why not share them in the comments? 'tis not like I'm always right, especially not since I've only begun to dive into the game.

As stated in the first post, I'll go by the assumption that unused cards means "cards from the detachments you chose that are not already part of the reserves deck". I'll go through all the options Cryx has for swapping cards in, and what the implications (at least those that I can see) for Deck Construction may be.
I also forgot one more condition for swapping a card in: it may not give victory points, which becomes important right here and now, since it precludes the "Revenant Cannon Crew" as an option. I'll note the colours of the card's respective detachments by their first letters.

Now, which are Cryx's options to swap cards in at the time of "Into the Breach"? (ordered alphabetically)

Atramentous Revenant Crew (O/P): At 1 CMD/1 WAR, they're a suitable swap for Lich's Command, their ability to put pressure on a location after you fought and killed stuff is great - especially considering that in a Kickstarter game (they really should call that Variant "Jump Start", as per the spell), there will be plenty easily to kill infantry around, so they may be a really dangerous suprise. This'll also circumvent their otherwise "high" cost of 3 CMD.
Bile Thrall Horde (O/Y): Their resources are rubbish. Their attack power is rubbish. However, pestering the early game with such a cheap card that has "Purge"? Right. I'd probably put one, rather two, in in exchange for either Necrotite Rigs or Raise Deads.
Blood Witch Coven (G): Being a 1 CMD/ 1 WAR card, they compete for that slot with the Atramentous Revenant Crew (and a lot of others), and they are quite expensive with a cost of 3 CMD. On ther other hand, they are 2/3 in combat and bring Death strike, which - with the early prevalence of equally cheap, destructible infantry - should be able to do a lot of work, so they certainly have an edge there.
Deathrippers (Y/P): Err... no. Not as swap-ins. Main reserves deck, likely, army deck, no. Just - no.
Defiler (O/G): I'd probably switch out the full suite of Raise Deads for four of the guys, just because it's got great resources at 2 CMD/ 1 WAR, on top of being 2/2 in combat (which is average for the cost), and his spray weapon attack should clean f***ing house.
Helldivers (G): It competes with the other 1 CMD/ 1 WAR cards, but it's stable at 2/3, and the burrowing ability may make it very useful and synergistic.
Mechanithrall Horde (O): No resources is bad - unless, I guess, you design the rest of the deck to work with only the cheapest jacks and then nothing but infantry. Then, its dirt cheap and can really put numerical pressure on the locations.
Necrosurgeon Corps (O): Resources are bad, combat ability is meh... but it does push other stitched cards (Mechanithralls, Bile Thralls, for example), and if the remainder of the deck is built around that, it may not be bad idea to have one of those on hand. Also, it's cheap.
Revenant Rifle Crew (O/Y/P): It's another 1 CMD/ 1 WAR card, and since it does have synergy with other revenants, it likely works best when used with the other Revenants, sooo... it's probably not the best swap-in choice.
Scrap Thrall Horde (R/Y): Yet another 1 CMD/ 1 WAR card, but these are serious contenders - usually, death burst isn't really that good. However, for early turns with cheap/weak infantry, the Scrap Thralls are the only ones that can take out enemy 3-Health cards on their own - and the difference between discarding them, and deploying them, destroying something, and them ending up in the discard pile is nearly the same.
Stalkers (G/B): It's the last contender for the 1 CMD/ 1 WAR card slot, and seriously, it's the worst choice to swap in, so I'd just skip it.

So, how'd I go about it? I'd, first of all, want to swap all Raise Deads for Defilers. They are O/G (no pun intended), so that'd need two 'Casters to make happen (Skarre is a must, then it's a choice of either Scavvy, Termy, Denny, or Morty - I'd lean towards Scavvy). O/G also grants access to Blood Witch Coven (x3), Atramentous Revenant Crew (x2), Bile Thralls (x2), and a lot of other swap-in options, but these are my favourites. I'd swap two Lich's Commands for the two Atramentous Revenant Crews, and another two for Blood Witch Covens. Regarding Necrotite Rigs... that'd depend on the third detachment. If the general set-up of the list will be light on Jacks, just take out two for the Bile Thralls.

I've constructed a first draft of a deck... it includes all aforementioned kickstarts, the mechanithrall troops, and is led by Skarre, Goreshade, and Scaverous.

Next up will be Cygnar - and once their deck is analysed/constructed, I guess we'll just pit them against each other and see what happens.

But until then, farewell!