Samstag, 12. April 2014

Seizing Command 04: Kickstarter thoughts - Khador

Next "Seizing Command" article, next faction being kickstarted! This time, I am going to talk about Khador - which I'd play primarily, but won't while Fiona is taking them (which probably will stop the day Mercs come out...). Noteworthy about the Motherland is that next to all detachments are available twice or more - except for G, which is currently the Old Witch's alone.

There's still no official word on the "unused cards" issue, so we'll go ahead with our current assumptions.

There is one card being excluded from being swapped in, and that's the Widowmaker Sniper Team - no 2/2 combat card with Sup Range right out of the gate? Totally not understandable. ;)

The other options are as follows:
Berserker (O/G): It's got rubbish resources at 0-1, which is kind of a hindrance with a cost of 3 WAR - and Berserk is detrimental, too - but combat stats of 3/4 are quite a deterrent.
Greylord Arcanist Korps (B/P): Okay resources, moderate cost... what makes these stand out are their tanky 1/4 combat stats for the price.

Greylord Occultists: With rubbish resources and moderate cost, it's their synergistic ability (pumps Health of all other warriors) that could earn these guys a place in the army deck - just because: if there are low-Health warriors to be expected, warriors with improved health definitely will have an edge.
Kommando Flamethrower Kompany (O/G): It'd be the best Conscription replace available, were it not for the Winter Guard Conscripts ability, at 2-0, it's quite hardy at 2/3, it sets shit on fire, all for a moderate cost of 3 CMD. I'd consider at least 2.
Kossite Woodsmen Ambush Team (O/G): A plausible replacement for Kayazy Backings, good fighter's they turn they deployed/rushed, these guys main shtick is being cheap at 2 CMD, which I increasinly feel it rather important.
Kovosk War Hounds (G/B): It's got worse resources that the Kossites, but the conditions for it's stat increase are more easily met, and it's cheap too!
Scrapjack (G): At 1-1 and 2/4, Khador's only light warjack is a plausible inclusion... there is only one of him, to boot.
Winterguard Artillery Korps (O/Y/G): Considering what was said about the War Hounds, the Artillery Corps (at better resources, highly comparable stat increase conditions, and same cost) seem like one of the best choices.
Winterguard Conscripts (O/Y): Another card that's 1-1, 1/2, for 2 CMD, but it's ability says "you don't want to swap it in" - otherwise you'de miss out on it's easy rushability.
Winterguard Mortar Corps (Y): They're same resources but hardier that the Artillery Korps, they are way better at dishing out damage, but they're also a slightly bulkier cost - I wouldn't take too many of them.

For my personal, gut-reaction deck building intentions, I'd certainly the include O detachment, meaning Sorscha/Irusk/Zerkova and the G detachment (meaning Old Witch), then most likely R as a counter-weight (Harkevich or Vlad).

Yet until then, farewell!