Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Khador 2013 Part 03/3 - Almost right! Almost...

Just like the title implies, C.R.L. was almost right about the spoilers. So, since I assume everybody read the article on that frickin' BOLS page (Yes, my opinion of them is... ...biased), what we'll do here is Reflection and Reiteration - something that's rare on the internet these days, I feel.

You get that feeling when rumours are out, and people still start speculating like unjustifiably crazy.

Alright, so much for the intro. You guys ready to swallow the red pill?
First up, here's the BOLS quote. I've marked the text as such: Previously unknown facts are bold, and facts that are different from what we assumed so far are bold italics.

He has Kodiak stats of course, and like a Kodiak, has the Pathfinder rule. No Double Boiler though. Instead he has the Fleet rule. If he spends a Focus he'll get an extra 2" of movement for a round. Some of the more outrageous rumors I was reading about this guy are true. He does indeed have a RoF 5 gun: the Auto Cannon. It has the Double Strike rule allowing it to make two extra attacks per focus spent. The downside is it has a mediocre RNG and POW of 8 and 12 respectively. It also has Gun Fighter rule which means with it's Open Fist and Piston Hammer it can make three initial attacks. And to make it even sweeter it has Virtuoso as well. As for the Piston Hammer, it's a nice solid P+S 18. No Reach, but it has the Ram special rule. It's like Beat Back but also knocks it's target down. I feel like there's another model out there with this rule but I'm blanking on it... At 9 Points, this is the most expensive warjack so far.
Second: I think most of my analysis regarding 'Casters still stands.
Third: My gut reaction was "WHY PP? WHY DID IT HAVE TO 9 POINTS?! WARGHARBALBAGHARBLE!!!oneoneeleven!"

Fourth: I think that reaction was unjustified. I mean, let's look at what we get for those 9 points, because there's more to this spoiler than the disappointment at the end.
 - Innate "Pathfinder". If you're a more regular reader of this blog (which I just assume there are), you'll likely know that I'm quite big on stressing just how good that is. Suddenly, the Old Witch's Augury became a lot better for this guy, and he in turn a better choice for her. It's a little redundant with Harkevich, though, and those 9 points make it slightly less good a choice with him (still, the Hammer, see below).
 - "Fleet" instead of Jury Rig[SPD]. It only grants +2 MOV, in turn, though, there's no damage taken to the movement system, and since I never considered the +2 bonus for running, there's no loss here, only gain.
 - an "Open Fist", which means three initials, which makes this our second 'Jack with three (the other one being Torch). Which in general means one more dead model, at least, better jive with Full Throttle, Unearthly Rage, and similar hit/damage buffs.
 - confirmed auto-"Ram" (i.e. KD+Push). This is bunk-time stuff right there. I had almost feared it'd be a Crit after all, but it's straight up up there, and all the power that comes with it is, too. I can't wait for this guy to release...
 - P&S (motherfucking) 18 on the same hammer! I know I went the safe route by saying "Well, we'll just assume 16", but 18? That's Decimator/Torch levels of smashiness. And auto-kd is just as good as Sustained Attack, which makes me wonder about the Decimator's role in Faction even more (because it basically boils down to a gun with less shots at more POW).

Conclusion, revised:
   I think this 'Jack is still worth it. Yes, we now have FIVE Warjacks at 9 points, but they all have a different gun loadout, and with all the extra abilities that are tacked onto the Grolar, I think he's in a very good spot (for a Khadoran Jack with a gun at the point range. Which is very akin to ruining a compliment by saying "You're really good looking for an Englishwoman" ;P)

So, until next time,