Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Theatre of War - Developing a WM/H-Campaign...

...with more of a strategic focus. A sketchbook. The current Theatre of War I'm running my campaign with, I cooked up all alone in my room. This time around, I'll post progress, development, and stuff on this blog, to keep you updated.

And what would be greatly appreciated: Feedback via comments.
So for this first post, I'll go ahead and just type down everything I wrote in my sketchbook about "T.o.W. - the numbers game", which happens to be the working title. I know these leave a lot of blank spots, but those will be filled in the future, maybe with your help.

> There are no regions, rather singled-out locations of either interest or strategic value, which are connected by paths (think: WH node campaign)
> Points from a total point pool are allocate to these locations at the beginning
>> These are the points of troops available, not definite model choices (unless characters are present)
> Points can be moved between locations
>> Limitations on the number of points that can be permanently allocated, with lower limits on points that are only allocated temporarily.
>> the distance covered by any group of points is determined by the size of it, and by the type of transportation (foot, train, ship)
> Economy determines point additions to total pool (it's a value assigned to locations)
>> Entering Open War first ups the economy value, but this degrades again over time and even negatively affects it when prolonged (Delay through victories and spoils?) (+50% / +100% / +150% / +150% / +125% / +75% / +0% / -50% / -75%)

> Command for locations & nations - sinks through prolonged open war
>> failing a location CMD causes a "riot", failing a nation CMD "ends" the campaign for that player
>> if a Warcaster is present, his CMD overrides the location's CMD
>>Triggers for CMD checks: Location - Under enemy control, being extorted, own faction loses significant battle nearby. Nation - Loss of Capital, Loss of Supreme Kommander, Outrageous Casualties

> Battles can be fought without Warcasters, but any army needs at least one model with the commander advantage
>> Attacks are done by moving points to locations held by opposing factions. (and declaring attack) Size of the battle = amount of points moved.
>> Reaction to declared attack - Face, Fallback, ???
>>> Different encounter sizes have different levels of lethality for characters (Duel & Battle Royal = High)

That's all I got up to now. Of course, many bits are still missing to make this functional, but what do you think of the overall concept?