Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Slow Growth

So, our Anima Tactics slow growth league is picking up slowly. Each Round, every participant has one game to get done, and each round lasts a month. So time restrictions are as loose as they can get. First round starts with 100 points, and this increases by fifty each round until it caps at 300. Faction/Organisation has to stay the same, but Crew members can be changed.

I chose Light Faction, because I got the starter for that.
I also did an unboxing video, but that's delayed. Last saturday, I got both a practice game and my league game in.

Left is my St. Evangeline, right is Reo's Black Sun crew. The lower picture is Praiokles' Church crew (or, as it could also be seen, Crutch crew - but then I'd go into a lengthy rant on Maria). The scenario was custom, in the middle of the board sat a stone which was to be destroyed - which was quite a challenge due to the stone having Def 12 and Arm 4 plus 20 Hp (Kronen, for comparison, has Att 4 and Dam 8 base). Each time you damaged the stone, you'd gain 10 VP, and if destroyed, 25 VP, though not both on the same turn.

So far, both games went the same way at the beginning. St. Eva starts with "Blessing" in play, both guys walk, then she puts Shield Lv. 2 on Kronen, who goes in. The practice game I lost, the league went to a draw. Maria - probably the most powerful model available at these points - damaged the Stone twice, and Kronen, after unsuccessfully trying to take out Grey, finishes it off. Since we already went to round 6, St. Evi ran away from Maria to deny him points necessary to win.

The endgame
Observations: Kronen is a real tank, esp. under the Shield spell and when backed by Healing. Even Maria wasn't able to bring him down before St. Evi could heal him up. In larger games, however, the enemy will be able to ignore him more easily. But then again, I'll have more models to work with. Now, back to finish painting and basing.