Sonntag, 29. April 2012

The Druzhina - pending list of topics...

... or should I rather call them "lectures"?

At any rate, with the Khador board on PP's forum in a mood of "let's get constructive again", this gave me some incentive to pick up the notes on what I wanted to do in the "Druzhina" video series. Here's my preliminary list of topics I've settled on covering. You are free to comment, in fact, feel encouraged to!

So here - we -go:

#Nr., "Working Title", (topic)
#0 "Introduction" (the druzhina, my goals with the vlogcast, an introduction to me as a gamer and tactical wargaming in general)
#1 “A game of chess” (the original wargame and what to derive from it for warmachine)
#2 “what can the system do for you” (using the rules to your advantage without even bending them)
#3 is “1+1=3” (synergy, the difference between synergies and buffs, choosing the right army for your caster)
#4 “Head Games” (how to make the enemy work for you, the power of anticipation and thinking ahead)
#5 “Metagaming” (how to leave a lasting impression, shaping an expectation, and seeing the larger picture of your gaming environment)
#6 “Terrain Tactics A – Landscaping Tactics” (types of terrain, its rules, what amount, and page 66 of the rulebook and competitive placing)
#7 “Terrain Tactics B – Garden Tactics” (set-up tendencies, common spreads of terrain, how to deal with those)
#8 “Being a bastard” (hard lists v. hard gaming, how to play tough and stay good company)
#9 “Fun Flavoured Tactics” (how to consciously choose something not top-of-the-line, and still put up a decent fight, theme forces)
#10 “Applied Uncertainties” (how to use things that aren’t fully predictable, ambushers, reinforcements)
#11 “Flanking done right” (basics, what to flank with, counterflanking / countering flankers)
#12 “Big Guns” (Weapon Crews, Battleengines, maybe Colossals)
#13 “Outriders” (cavalry)
#14 “Getting a deployment advantage and keeping it!” (some deployment options based on whether you go first or second)
#15 “Focus!” (keeping your eyes on your goal, sticking to your plan, identifying and ignoring bait thrown at you)
#16 “Scenarios and you” (how to use scenarios to your advantage, victory vectors, steamroller '12)
#17 “Under pressure” (tournaments, steamroller (2012), lists, restrictions, and stuff)
#18 “Damage Control” (how to get the most out of a bad game. Subsets a) the game, b) the armies, c) the players)
#19 “The dangers of theorymachine”. (what is theorymachine?, forum-thinking, gaming reality)
#20 “The 80/20 rule” (how it applies to warmachine)
#21 “Impending Doom” (the “deathstars” of warmachine, the terminological "ambiguity", the DS's make-ups, the most reknown)
#22 “Facing - the Ghost Spam”, (how to deal with incorporeal models, how to deal with LOTS of incorporeal models)

I have some thoughts about additional topics, mainly I’d want to do some “Facing the…” casts where I deal with some common threats. Everything will be mostly from the Khadoran point view, but I guess that’s fine.
 Anyway, that’s it for this preliminary teaser. I hope it got you interested, even though I think there isn’t that much I could teach you. I’m certain there are others that can actually profit from this.
Now I just need to get going.

Until then, farewell!